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I've made this new release (fixes below). My e-mail here wont be working for a day or two so I won't get any or be able to send anything with it.

V 1.1
fixed : killbot command not working in metamod
fixed : bot menu kick bot option not working
fixed : crash bugs in task code
fixed : weapon selection problems (when having to reload)
fixed : problems when marines are out of ammo in NS (didnt attempt to change weapon?).
fixed : some DMC weapon problems.
fixed : aliens getting stuck trying to evolve in places where they cant.
fixed : problem with some config files not loading in linux
fixed : bots trying to use buttons too high up.
fixed : bots shooting all enemies in svencoop and not shooting all allies.
fixed : crashes in metamod when using other plugins. ("no meta return in args()" bug)
fixed : crash bugs with bot chat & bot events
fixed : bots go closer to hev/health chargers, they sometimes got stuck.
fixed : when bots visit all enemy positions they will continue to objective.
fixed : bots will only try to use armor chargers/pick up armor when they have less than 50 armor.
fixed : couldn't delete waypoints that wern't visible (e.g. through walls)
fixed : bots listening to sounds better.
fixed : gorge behaviour, should build hives & resource towers more often
fixed : bots staying in team their were added to after map change
fixed : marines properly avoiding infantry portals in NS to avoid telefrag kills.
fixed : bots shoot 'explosive only' breakables / gargantuas with RPGs or grenades,
and dont shoot them if they dont have any explosive weapons (in Svencoop)
fixed : bots should be able to shoot barnacles in svencoop
added : alien gorges & marines build objects as they see them.
added : bots take cover when reloading (in svencoop)
added : map specific configs
added : 'unreachable' waypoint types (helps bots find cover areas)

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Comment posted by : swede At : 2003-10-05 04:15:06

Mad stuff!!! It is always the highlight of the day when there is an rcbot update! Good on ya Cheeseh! Altough i must say i was hoping to see a "ladder" climbing bug fix. But nevermind more than pleased 2 see another update!!! Keep it coming Cheeseh


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-10-05 06:48:33

yes.. ladders = evil

I can also add some things I missed out... (in a sneaky new upload of the bot hehe)

fixed : pathwaypoint enable/disable working


Comment posted by : AngeL At : 2003-10-07 08:27:40

:( Cheeeeeeseeeh

Was so happy when i seen there was an RCBOT update. But this version crashes the second i add a bot.


Comment posted by : Riotblade At : 2003-10-07 10:55:37

You should also make it so that bots know how to swim. Bots in water always drown.


Comment posted by : Rebell At : 2003-10-07 13:47:01



Comment posted by : Cyclops At : 2003-10-08 00:59:18

Its great to finally have a Sven Coop Bot! I hate how bot cant climb ladders, and how they act alone. Could you get some following logic in there?

Also, some of the SC waypoints are incomplete. Could you make a list of what they are in the next version?


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-10-08 11:52:15

I dont know what svencoop waypoints are incomplete, if you find one, you already have by the sounds of it, then tell me in the rcbot waypoint forum and ppl might try to waypoint that map more, I can't waypoint every map, considering I lose making bot time. If the bot crashes make sure you're using the correct dll, installed in the right folder etc, use the forums man!


Comment posted by : Riotblade At : 2003-10-09 10:41:19

Leave the maps you want waypointed, I can help you waypoint some maps as I already have for fun except I never saved mine.



Comment posted by : xxDarkSlayerxx20 At : 2003-10-19 05:52:11

Heyo all...

Im new here and i registered here cuz the bot has gone cool and i have a question:

Since i reinstalled SvenCo-op(first 2.0f then 2.1 update) i cant play with the RCBOT....every time i want to set up a LAN server i get an error message where SC says that it can start cuz it dont get the DLL API...what does this mean?PLZ HELP...i allready asked at svencoop.net in the german topic(yes im from germany and sorry about my bad english im 15y old *


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-10-20 15:03:52

I guess you are using standalone DLL (i.e. not metamod) It means you have not set up the liblist.gam file to point to the right folder, make sure its pointing to ../rcbot/dlls/rcbot.dll
and that there is a folder called rcbot in your hl folder with the file in it.

Please please PLEASE use the forum, it will have most of these questions answered, and more people can help, plus it has german support for you


Comment posted by : xxDarkSlayerxx20 At : 2003-10-21 02:23:56

Oh im sorry i put the rcbot folder in the SC directory and not in the HL directory


Comment posted by : bingo At : 2003-12-16 18:05:35

does Ns2 got podbot for download..
plz tell me chenbing1013@hotmail.com
thx ~~


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-12-20 17:06:39

huh wha? Podbot for NS 2? No .



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