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  As sevncoop 3 is released, the new bot is to support the 3.0 release of svencoop, new maps & features. Also there are fixes and additions for other mods. Here is the list.

V 1.2

All Mods
fixed: bots going out of water better.
fixed: bots 'hearing' dead players (spectators)
fixed: bots not moving sometimes when they cant find an objective waypoint.
fixed: bot menus interfering with other metamod plugin menus
fixed: bots know what buttons to press (hopefully) for doors that use 'masters'
fixed: bots know if doors can be opened if there is an opens later waypoint through it.
fixed: bots know buttons that can open doors that use masters.
fixed: bug when bots re-joining server after map change if kicked.
fixed: bug when bots not returning to server with max bots set after clients leave game.
fixed: Waypoint visibility files reduced in size

changed: some ladder stuff

added: more performance commands (max_update_vision_revs, update_vision_time) see commands text file
added: some stuck in water code
added: bots kill self if they can't move for a while (can configure with 'bot_stuck_speed' command)
added: update_ladder_time command for configuring bots ladder behaviour
added: bots look for/attack enemies that killed team mates that they see die.
added: Squad code, player can make bots join their squad, bots can create their own squads, ability to alter formation, leave squad (as leader), remove squad, remove all squads (in case of problems)
added: classic +force_grip command from old rcbot

Sven Coop
fixed: bots not using teleports very often

Natural Selection
added: aliens won't melee attack electrified structures
added: marines don't waste ammo when attacking defense chambers and resource towers (use knife or welder)

Bumper Cars
added: bots using bombs in bumpercars
added: bots choosing random model in bumpercars
added: some better movement in bumpercars
added: bots attack grunts in hunt the grunt maps

User Comments


Comment posted by : evil-max At : 2003-12-26 15:24:57

WoOt! ^_^


Comment posted by : chowkaifai At : 2003-12-26 22:36:03

I like RCbot^o^


Comment posted by : evil-max At : 2003-12-26 23:20:04


(Bad grammer and n00bism intended ^_^)


Comment posted by : el puto caedion At : 2003-12-27 06:39:22

finaly, have this new bots new waypoints for NS? becauso i only can play in tanith, veil and eclipse...

thanks cheeseh.


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-12-28 05:23:55



Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-12-28 05:24:32

damn sql errors

I have added stuff that allows bots to move without the need of waypoints, I think that was the problem why you could not play them properly, unfortunately I could not test it in NS


Comment posted by : evil-max At : 2003-12-30 11:25:46


I could always waypoint some maps ;P


Comment posted by : Anubis At : 2004-01-28 16:12:59

hey cheeseh i like your bots they are getting better. But they seem to just run around the base and not move out. The marines main problem is they dont build any ips. They use to go comm and build stuff but now they dont.


Comment posted by : fresca At : 2004-04-26 22:56:28



Comment posted by : nah At : 2008-08-21 01:53:42

Hey What is the link for sven coop bots
i really want it to play with them at stadium 3



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