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  I have done a lot of work on the Natural - Selection part of the bot for once in a while. The aliens have been improved so far. I have also fixed issues which caused Marines not to respond to orders, bots not shooting anymore and Menu's not working.
The next version will have megaHAL chat which is a chat system that learns as you talked to it, it's homepage is http://megahal.sourceforge.net and I got a cleaner version of the source kindly from PM of RACC Bot http://racc.bots-united.com.

More features are that the bot should support the Battlegrounds mod. But it is totally blind coding as I don't have the MOD anymore, the current bot also supports battleground but there is a bug which affects bots which cause them not to move, I have added code that may fix it in the next release but I will need to have confirmation from people who actually have the mod!

Another thing is that I will probably release the source fot the bot too. As I am having less time to work on it, I work on it mostly during holidays (yeah that's my life) Not much time for it other times. Also since its partly a metamod plugin it really should be open source but during that time It's not been ready for source release and there is still some stuff to do on it. ( because of the arrival of steam and new hl engine changes etc )

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Comment posted by : Sandman[SA] At : 2004-01-18 01:42:35

That looks really sweet cheeseh. When can we expect to start looking for the next version of rcbot?


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2004-01-18 05:59:23

couple of days or even today maybe, but I have much other stuff to do.


Comment posted by : Rebell At : 2004-01-19 00:53:00

tnx for spending your free time for this project...
we all love the rc-bot and always looking for a new version - so keep the good workx

... Rebell


Comment posted by : gmr310 At : 2004-01-19 15:04:49

hey, i know u dont have lots of time, but do u play on adding suport for Rocket Crowbar 2 beta?


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2004-01-20 12:54:11

I already have


Comment posted by : [ASA]ODEN At : 2004-01-20 16:05:46

Looking good C.. looking good.


Comment posted by : Rebell At : 2004-01-24 21:49:51

hurry up ... ns 3.0 beta is released and wichbot supports it !

go on !!


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2004-01-25 05:51:57

ok. im downloading, but im feeling very sick today


Comment posted by : xxDarkSlayerxx At : 2004-01-29 14:38:01

heyo Cheeseh cant wait untill ya released the bot for NS 3.0 cuz the version 1.2 for NS 2.0 is very stupid if ya use it with NS 3.0.....wanna have a version for NS 3.0 but i can imagine that this is not easy and need much time



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