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  Alright, I have released a version 1.3 this does not fully support NS 3 combat maps but it will work with Ns 3 now! Also the bot supports battlegrounds and half life deathmatch mod.

I will release another version soon with additions to the bot to work with ns combat maps with a little help from flayra!

for the megaHAL stuff I've added a pre-training file with messages I took from svencoop's irc channel when I joined once following an interesting conversation so thanks for that stuff ! You can add what you want in the pretraining file (comman_hal.trn file) so you can make the bots say stuff without needing to learn stuff first.

changes :

V 1.3

added: support for Battlegrounds mod.
added: support for half-life deathmatch.
added: megaHAL bot chatting [thanks pierre at racc bot (racc.bots-united.com)].
added: new command "rcbot config chat_percent" and "rcbot config chat_reply_percent" (See commands text file)
added: new command "rcbot config marine_auto_build". If set to 1, an infantry portal
will automatically be built nearby the command console when a bot joins the server.
added: program does not allow clients to join if min bots has not been reached (if bots still need to join).
added: new config command reserve_bot_slots (to configure above addition).
added: ability to kick bots from certain team in natural selection in bot menu.
added: ability to make a squad through squad menu.
added: ability to return bots in squad back to formation in squad menu.
added: more lift/elevator functionality.
added: bots in svencoop search for weapons they need if they dont have weapon to kill gargantuas etc.
added: improved Aliens in NS (they check out buildings under attack etc)
added: new commands "config balance_teams" "config
fixed: fixed NS Gorges not building much.
fixed: bots using all weapons in DMC/all known bugs in DMC fixed.
fixed: crash bug in natural selection attack code.
fixed: bots now treat "func_train" entities like doors/lifts.
fixed: bots killing themselves when waiting for commander orders in NS.
fixed: bots join team in NS one at a time incase of crashing.
fixed: wait_for_orders command not working in NS.

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Comment posted by : evil-max At : 2004-01-31 22:22:58


methinks cheeseh is t3h r0x0rz!!!


Comment posted by : xxDarkSlayerxx At : 2004-02-01 05:08:22




Comment posted by : Meat_Popsicle At : 2004-02-01 07:47:29



Comment posted by : el puto caedion At : 2004-02-01 11:12:33

GG cheeseh, but.. In BG my bots dont move! only jump and shoot


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2004-02-01 12:54:41

you dont have waypoints for the maps you are playing


Comment posted by : magnum45 At : 2004-02-01 15:44:26

wauw im really impressed they really got improved here


Comment posted by : Ben At : 2004-02-01 17:09:16

Great work Cheeseh, everyone in bg community has been looking forward to bots for a long long time now. I will be posting regarding this on the bg site tomorrow.

Thank you.


Comment posted by : Rebell At : 2004-02-02 08:19:20



Comment posted by : el puto caedion At : 2004-02-02 11:55:00

rcbot for battlegrounds doesnt run in WON but in steam is very good


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2004-02-02 13:37:44

if you can get into the forum or email me tell me what it does in WON I may just have to make another bot dll for WON.


Comment posted by : magnum45 At : 2004-02-03 08:49:24

Maybe you could use the forums to discuss probs or anything
Comments, should only be used to comments ..

NICE bot btw :D


Comment posted by : chaoscontrol At : 2004-02-05 00:22:33


i find that your rcbot has poor alien combat. hmmm
i have made an NS bot called HiveMind
www.hivemind.net.tf and is an alien only bot for NS i hope cheeseh you try it. Cheeseh plz try it! email me feedback on modchaoscontrol@hotmail.com
I like your RCBot! Test my alien bot for ns! I like your new site


Comment posted by : link2002 At : 2004-02-05 12:09:51

I instaled rcbot for valve deathmatch but i cant play single more


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2004-02-05 13:21:57

huh? use the forum and explain, use this for comments only please!!!


Comment posted by : chaoscontrol At : 2004-02-05 23:32:21

i like cheese


Comment posted by : chaoscontrol At : 2004-02-05 23:34:29

hey cheeseh would you like to join my clan MoD ?



Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2004-02-06 12:01:13

sorry no time on my hands comments only pls too!!!


Comment posted by : kees At : 2004-02-10 13:13:23

were is the download site?


Comment posted by : kees At : 2004-02-10 13:15:48

never mind already found it,
your bots mod is master


Comment posted by : zhouyu123 At : 2004-02-10 17:35:20

How do u bind the squad and add bot menus?
Please help just downloaded this


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2004-02-11 12:18:33

see commands,txt remember this is for comments only, <b>USE THE FORUM!</b> for other stuff


Comment posted by : chaoscontrol At : 2004-02-20 02:14:48

thx kees :P



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