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  Hey hey.... I am building new beta Rcbot DLL files for windows. If you haven't been checking out the forum I have a thread here for the latest files: here

I've got the bots to work with NS combat and upgrade most of the stuff (not everything yet) but enough to win games.

Some new user-friendly stuff too, like tooltips and console messages when there are errors for those who don't know how to add a bot!

Also some stuff for Svencoop, there is basic support for pushing pushable objects using pushable waypoints and grenade throwing waypoints for those tough situations in Svencoop when you need to chuck a grenade somewhere on the map.

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Comment posted by : rogacz At : 2004-06-08 21:06:32

omg omg omg omg


Comment posted by : Supa Dude At : 2004-09-01 01:34:12

Ooooo Looks cool
To the forum!



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