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  Yay , bots-united seems to be back up for the most-part. Some downloads are still broken (example the source download). I have a mirror link, I'll update it soon.

Forums are now back up too.

I've uploaded the latest beta files to the file server (link to the files on the files page). I now have uploaded a "full beta" version including windows rcbot files plus doucmentation and configuration files, waypoints etc.


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Comment posted by : Sandman[SA] At : 2004-10-19 02:37:02

That's great news cheeseh. I know some of us were missing our daily read from the rcbot front, lol. Now my only question is, what happened to bots-united in the first place?


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2004-10-25 00:00:46

bots-united servers were 'upgraded' but were really buggy so it took some time to fix everything.


Comment posted by : CheeseIt At : 2004-11-11 21:28:14

Download site for full beta map waypoints is not working. Please check link.



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