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  I have started re-wrting a lot of the RCBot for Natural-Selection from scratch, it should turn out to be pretty slick These are just some things I have got lined up for the new re-written bot once it is ready for your information!

  • Will support metamod as a plugin!

  • AI totally re-written, hopefully bots will be able to perform many tasks at once

  • More tactical AI

  • Each bot (identified by its own unique bot id) will have its own profile.

  • May support other MODs in the future!

  • Source code may be released when a good version is complete


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Comment posted by : ToF At : 2003-06-06 12:13:03

I love you


Comment posted by : Magnum45 At : 2003-06-08 06:00:47

Me 2


Comment posted by : snake_doc At : 2003-06-08 11:28:41

I dont know about love but im truly glad your working on a new version now.
Sorry ...Im an older person and I just do do the kiddie people worship scene to try and get something outa the author...I would just rather buy him off


Comment posted by : CaptScum At : 2003-06-08 11:50:34

Im very grateful that your even makin g a bot for ns and im glad that your making a new version i had about 5 megs of all the rcbot versions on my hard disk.


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-06-09 08:44:10

Hehe.. Some more things I have lined up...

1) Each bot profile stores:
- name,favourite mod, favourite map,
- favourite team, their spray logo,
- gorge/lerk/fade/onos gestate probability
- their skill
- other players reputation with the bot

2) Each player/bot has a reputation with other bots. Meaning the bot will act differently to them depending on their rep. [Freelancer the game gave me this idea, what a great game!] Only defined by a players name, not their won id, since this is a more realistic approach, since I don't remember everyone's Won Id, so people can probably impersonate others, and get their rep up/down.

3) A realistic mode will be added which allows bots to choose when they want to leave, depending on the map running, the team the can join, the players on the server, and how well they have done on previous maps/games.

4) Their profiles will be updated by the program, i.e. new reps with other players etc.

5) Also I am hoping bots will be able to follow waypoints and shoot enemies at the same time. And get the to stop and look around for enemies etc


Comment posted by : CaptScum At : 2003-06-10 06:20:29

I find the bot excellent and the bots profile thingy excellent too. I dont want to moan But the only thing i hate about the bot is one every map they get stuck in a certain area.On ns_tanith they get stuck in the chemichal transport room on the lift. on ns_nothing they get stuck above the hive in viaduct. on bast they hang around engine and refinery too much.On caged the all get get stuck outside gen and in vent. on hera im not sure where they get stuck but its an awkward map for bots n e way. on nancy they get stuck in no-name hive and on eclipse they get stuck in maint. Ive made an ns map named ns_scum03 i kept changing it about to find out problems they had doing like ladders and lifts and doors. the did them all but didnt weld the vents i made very often so they got stuck in. But i dont have a clue how to really make a bot so ill keep my mouth shutall my thanks for making the bot in the first place


Comment posted by : snake_doc At : 2003-06-10 14:41:34

Well Just my opinion.
What I have found which helps Unstick the bots is make your own waypoints.
The existing waypoints seem to send the bots into places they shouldent go.
Due to the fact that regaurdless of the waypoints that come with the bots or custom waypoints if you put them at the base of a ladder its just game over they will not climb any climbable object reguardless of what you try to do to get them there
Trust me I have tried even tried using a jump waypoint at base of ladder and they just hit the ladder and walk at the base of it.


Comment posted by : Magnum45 At : 2003-06-10 22:19:23

Damn nice Cheeseh


Comment posted by : CaptScum At : 2003-06-11 09:05:21

Yeah i tried that but im a bad waypointer


Comment posted by : snake_doc At : 2003-06-11 16:11:03

Oh by the way cheeseh..
I really like the new web sites.
Nice to post comments about news and the like.


Comment posted by : psycoarray At : 2003-06-12 07:44:00

Yea of course im pleased about your coding...but when do u think are u finishing???

I will try to play ns in a little round (lan) of 4 people...we marines and the bots are the aliens!

Last time there was no gameplay because the bots do nothing and camp around their startpoint...

So can somebody help me to config the bots for the lan???

At first new waypoints???
or what would u say


Comment posted by : AngeL At : 2003-06-14 17:16:55

There isn't really alot they can do as an alien. I left them overnight, with marines just guarding base and a hive so they had a chance.

And the aliens must have taken hours to build that second hive. They had O chambers and all the res etc.

They seem to have a problem with the hives though.

But great work anyway! I only wish i understood coding so i could lend a hand.


Comment posted by : snake_doc At : 2003-06-15 20:43:04

Strange On most maps that I have waypointed they tend to build all 3 hives and get about every res tower that there capable of geting to.
Heck I have even seen 2 gorges rush into the marine base on eclipse and try to build ocs there was the funnies dang thing I ever saw.


Comment posted by : CaptScum At : 2003-06-17 13:13:25

I have 3 pc's with mic's and me and meh friends have lan games aginst bots and they are really easy to win. if we are marines, like psycoarray said the aliens get stuck in their hives and sometimes build 3 hive but get stuck as onos. you should make it so the gorges can build oc walls and dc walls and so that the onos and fade can get past easily


Comment posted by : Pvt. Scythe At : 2003-07-02 01:22:06

So what thing you have already done from that list? Can we expect an update somewhere in the end of july?


Comment posted by : Pschyco At : 2003-07-25 06:58:31

Where can i download earlyer version??


Comment posted by : woon1008 At : 2003-07-25 22:37:41


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-07-26 04:00:14

Expect updates after NS 2.0 because I can only get it when its out and no doubt there will be new stuff I'll have to implement etc.


Comment posted by : Ryan203 At : 2003-07-29 13:45:02

How do you download it


Comment posted by : boorman At : 2003-08-09 15:16:32

ok...........the bots are way 2 slow dude! they hang around the start on LAN. the marines take agis 2 respond 2 ur waypoints.... ( they dont lol) and also they take agis 2 start 2 build things... r all these things gonna be fixed in the final vsn????



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