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  I have now added a dedicated "waypoints" page, since I got my uploads to work correctly.

The waypoints page has been added to the left frame (the menu of links on the left hand side of the screen) on the site.

You can now view and submit waypoints using the form on the page.

The page is still a little sketchy, some things still need to be done, but the basics are up for waypoint creators to upload their waypoints. Note: You have to be registered and logged in with this site to submit any waypoints.

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Comment posted by : -=[LORD]=- At : 2003-06-23 03:18:16

i need help plz can you write a german
waypoint readme


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-06-23 05:41:58

Hmm. I can't remember if the german version of the bot comes with a german waypoint readme, since I never did the translation ..because I can't talk german

You could always use the translator here



Comment posted by : -=[LORD]=- At : 2003-06-24 03:32:14

ok thx for that

in the next german version can you or i write a german readme plz


Comment posted by : WuB3rS At : 2003-06-25 05:28:53

were do i unzip it too please?



Comment posted by : Rebell At : 2003-06-26 05:20:09



Comment posted by : snake_doc At : 2003-06-26 22:04:04

if your talking about the RCBOT.ZIP file (or what ever its called now) just extract that puppy to your half-life folder then run the install program thats in there./
If its the waypoints extract them to the NS/maps directory


Comment posted by : swede At : 2003-06-29 09:21:02

This is mad stuff!!! Lets start getting some waypoints done! I uploaded my fixes on the ns_nancy waypoint, which improves the game play by a little. Hope I can encourage some others to start sharing some new waypoints as there are so many new cool maps out there!


Comment posted by : CaptScum At : 2003-07-08 08:54:30

cheeseh, thanks for making the only ns bot . but when is the new version coming out? not a specific date, but what month?


Comment posted by : Cataclysm At : 2003-07-09 07:04:06

Just a suggestion, but as the number of waypoint uploads grow could there be a system of rating them so we know which to avoid and which improve gameplay.

The issues that I see as a problem are;
a rating may become obsolete when a newer better waypoint version is released
an individual casts a vote when they havn't tried other waypoints that are available.


Comment posted by : Cataclysm At : 2003-07-09 07:07:38

From reading previous posts is has been made clear to me that Cheeseh is waiting for the next version of NS to come out since there will be a lot of changes. If he writes too much more code now then there may be that much more to change when the new version of NS is released (July 31st).

After the new version of NS is released it could take another month or two (depending on how fast he works, the amount of time he has available, etc etc) to get the new code insync with the new NS version. So even a guess as to what month can be difficult to tell.

However, if Cheeseh finds that I spoke otherwise to his intentions than by all means please correct me.


Comment posted by : -=[LORD]=- At : 2003-07-10 06:53:46

I have found 2 waypoints

and this is not my waypoint :)


Comment posted by : Mitchell At : 2003-07-12 20:46:08

GL withth e bots :P
make them for NS2.0 and i guess i'll use them


Comment posted by : swede At : 2003-07-19 02:22:18

Good stuff with the recent posting of waypoints!! I got some really good news 4 all rcbot and ns fans out there.

Firstly ns_colony is finnished and its sweet stuff. It kan be found here: http://www.nay.cscentral.com/

Secondly and even better is that i've done waypoints for it and uploaded them in the waypoint section. Enjoy!!!


Comment posted by : Devilmaycry At : 2003-07-20 10:15:49

Where do you unzip the waypoints too? Ive tried three times but the aliens still stay at the hive... siiiigh..

Btw thank you for making this bot program


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-07-20 12:35:32

Waypoints are held in the Ns maps folder ..
[quote from snakedoc] If its the
waypoints extract them to the NS/maps directory)


Comment posted by : freewilly At : 2003-07-28 07:10:14

for download the bot?


Comment posted by : TheKing53 At : 2003-08-06 13:39:09

This doesn't belong to this article for the waypoints, but i've got a question... WHEN WILL THE BOTS COME OUT 4 NS2.0 ???


Comment posted by : Byron At : 2003-08-06 20:37:28

when will the bots come out for ns 2.0


Comment posted by : Rebell At : 2003-08-06 22:45:51

Dont spam the question for NS 2.0 here !

Use the Forum !



Comment posted by : el puto caedion At : 2003-08-07 09:39:58

when will the bots come out for ns 2.0
i am bored i need rcbot
sorry but i cant register in the forums


Comment posted by : Rebell At : 2003-08-08 01:28:43

We all have to wait - Cheeseh will post when its done !!!

But if you want to play with an early BOT for NS 2.0 - go there:




Comment posted by : TheKing53 At : 2003-08-09 04:45:30

Hey, at this page it gives the information that i can use rcbot and this "wichbot" at the same time! Can i use the actual version of rcbot with 2.0 when i use it at the same time with the wichbot ?


Comment posted by : el puto caedion At : 2003-08-09 06:16:05

a sugerence:
you cant create a bot= in alien at whichbot, whichbot is perfect in alien, but i love play in alien with a gorg and need marine bots, is posible that you create alien AI?

i am spanish and dont speak english, if this post is bad whrite sorry


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2003-08-09 16:27:09

please use the forum for non news-related questions or info.

I will be making a release of the ld bot compatible for NS 2.0 soon, and then the new bot after that to keep you busy.



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