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  Test RCBot 2 Alpha with TF2

latest mirror:

Engis build up to level 3 sentry, and build dispensers
Spies disguise/cloak and bots do not instantly shoot spies, when they see a spy they shout "Spy!"

I've uploaded a new version (0.2) to the filebase (same place)

new command:
rcbot addbot

Engineer bots build a level 1 sentry
Medics try to heal (Bug exists)
bots know weapons now
bot speeds reduced
HWGuys use minigun ok now
bots shoot buildings better now

bug with Pyro flamethrower and medic medigun
some bugs with bots going to waypoints and hanging about

Use to:

- Create Waypoints
- Think of new additions to the bot
- Find bugs

there is no support given for it right now, all the details (very little) to use are on the download page.

i.e. If you don't know how to use it, don't try just now!!

Also note: This version should work with Orange Box HL2DM and also fixes some bugs

the SVN is always up to date

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