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TF2 updates

- Bots use waypoints for sniper/sentry facing positions (use 'rcbot waypoint drawtype 1' command to see them)
- bug fixes with enemy conditions
- bug fixes with moving to a waypoint
- rocket jump improvements
- bot task improvements
- sniper improvements
- Spies cloak and disguise
- Spies try to backstab
- engineer building improvements
- melee weapon fixes
- scouts and bots with flag don't follow enemies
- fixed custom MOD directories for ini file
- using mersenne twiser randomiser / seeds when loaded
- fixes only soldiers joining tf2 bug
- engineers build up to level 3 sentry and also level 1 dispenser near sentry
- bots use teleporters (they don't build them yet)
- new pathwaypoint commands 'rcbot pathwaypoint deletefrom' and 'rcbot pathwaypoint deleteto'
-bots swim better


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Comment posted by : erlis95 At : 2009-04-07 13:32:39


Comment posted by : zygint At : 2009-06-10 08:50:40

help it says this file doest exit



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