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TF2 updates

- fixed bots not looking at enemies shooting them from behind
- fixed heavys from jumping whilst shooting
- fixed taunting bots from moving and shooting
- helped bots not shooting correctly & not seeing enemies on ledges above them
- medics healing
- medics ubercharging (only when healing player is low on health or medic is low on health at the moment)
- new waypoint version (For use with CP/PL maps / not supported yet)
- added waypoint radius' (use 'rcbot waypoint drawtype 1')
- added waypoint areas (for different map types soon)
- possible crash bug fixes
- improved snipers
- bots now look ahead of where they want to go (gives some more realism)
- stopped bots from using rocketjump/double jump waypoints if they cant use it
- added 'defend' waypoint type
- added 'rcbot_defrate' rate at which defensive bot classes defend at (default 0.35)
- changed rocket jump code again!
- reduce bot speeds again!
- improved engineer building
- added teleporter entrance / teleporter exit waypoints
- engineers build teleporters
- engineers upgrade teleporters and dispensers
- engineers stay by sentry and hit it with wrench occasionally if nothing else to do
- added 'rcbot_wpt_pathdist' command, use to reduce/increase distance for automatic waypoint paths to be made at


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Comment posted by : gideao_BR At : 2009-05-25 22:39:53

That file does not exist

apareçe isso, o arquivo nao foi upado ou alguém deletou, por favor eu quero muito esse arquivo postem em outro site como o rapidshare ou megaupload


Comment posted by : gideao_BR At : 2009-05-25 22:48:37

ah deixem pra lá ja encontrei o arquivo no sourceforge.net, obrigado, vou testalo em alguns minutos.
vlw mesmo


Comment posted by : zygint At : 2009-06-10 07:58:53

its says this file doest e




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