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Need waypointers, scripters etc before it can be really useful, and a lot of feedback.

- readded an 'altered' bot belief waypoint system
- fixed a general crash
- fixed an engineer building crash
- rcbot waypoint cut
- rcbot waypoint copy
- rcbot waypoint paste
- performance command rcbot_visrevs (default 8, 8 maybe good enough) *REDUCED VALUE*
- performance command rcbot_pathrevs (default 40, 20 maybe good enough) *REDUCED VALUE*
- new "areaonly" waypoint type
- new rcbot waypoint drawtype 2
- added scripting for CP/PL maps (currently supported: cp_dustbowl/granary/badlands)
- PLR support
- added profiling for developers (rcbot debug profile)
- Reduced Bot FOV to more realistic value
- changed attacking code. attack code is now non-task based and runs simultaneously with bot tasks
- changed spy attack code
- added better bot choice of enemy, e.g. flag carriers have higher priority/ and spies/medics

engineers can't select wrench sometimes
spy attack still not perfect

please download from sourceforge.net

Download Now! RCBot2 0.5 Beta (381.9 KiB)
comment on the FORUM

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