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  Sorry for taking so long i underwent heart surgery that I wanted done and needed a good rest. :)

- sniper changes (they shoot more with sniper rifle) -- bug still exists where they face the wrong direction sometimes
- snipers no longer look around to listen to sounds when sniping
- fixed possible engineer crashes
- fixed possible medic crash
- fixed possible divide by zero crash
- added support for defend waypoints on PL/PLR map scripts
- rcbot waypoint load "map name" command, (use "rcbot waypoint save" after loading)
- added 'class' in bot profiles
- medics keep healing if looking away from healing player

[] spies still cannot sap (*engine issue?)
[] demo's cannot set pipe traps (yet)
[] bots don't always use teleports (some situations only)

KNOWN limitations:
All of these limitations are effects of the Orange Box SDK lack
of 3rd party bot support, which are caused by the double speed/double
timing issue:

[] bots still cannot crouch
[] pyro's flame still does not show
[] sometimes engineers can't select wrench
[] other bots sometimes can't select the weapon they want
[] sometimes bots use melee weapon from long range
[] soldier rocket jumps are not perfect
[] scout double jumps are not perfect
[] bots can still move when bonked


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Comment posted by : lpjz50 At : 2009-10-19 00:48:21

dude its heart surgery...thats bigger then pples waypoints. haha


Comment posted by : BoneofMalkav At : 2009-11-10 01:48:25

About the orange box SDK's lack of 3rd party bot support,I read some time ago on a mod that uses the Orange Box Source engine (Goldeneye Source) that their adding bot support to their mod by using Python scripting.So I was thinking maybe by utilizing python script it would be possible to get out of the limitations with your bots for TF2?


Comment posted by : Cheeseh At : 2009-11-11 22:55:51

because Golden Eye source is its own MOD then this will work, i.e. they have their own source code. I do not have the source code for TF2 , no-one outside valve does, so it won't work that way.



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