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  SvenCoop 4.6 update fix


TF2 Update 0.6pbeta

- spies only remove disguise on the flag point
- engineers stop trying to upgrade buildings when they are out of metal
- flag carriers don't melee
- spies only voluntarily lose their disguise at the flag point if it isn't carried by a team member
- more chance of medic ubering
- more chance of bots facing their last enemy when looking for them
- engineers crouch when building for the first time to upgrade the building
- bots follow flag carriers always
- spy bots attack engineers if their buildings are sapped
- bots detect spies on contact (if they get stuck and see them)
- bots go back to defend the push cart if it is being pushed
- fixed engineers not looking at their sentries while looking after them
- fixed bots not going to cart sometimes
- fixed bot teleporter issue
- fixed rcbot control command crash
- avoid code improved
- added rcbot_avoid_radius / rcbot_avoid_strength commands
- bots say 'thanks' if you upgrade their bulidings
- new bot utility system, max/min utilities can be changed by an external CSV (excel compatible) file
- i.e. flexible bot behaviour that the user can control for certain types of maps (e.g. attack defend)
this will give the engineer bots (for example) hints on what to build first in an attack map as opposed to a defend map
and scouts whether to go for the flag/cart or just plain roam around
this will be added by included two CSV files (attack/normal - i.e. defend) that can be edited in excel, or notepad, or any other csv editor
- attack_util.csv in config folder
- normal_util.csv in config folder
- higher priority for bots to shoot enemies attacking the point
- source change: easier for bots to say and hear all voice commands


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Comment posted by : cloud At : 2012-03-28 11:12:10

Cheeseh..can you make rcbot "follow me"..
I think this is better..i use goggle translate..I hope you understand..



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