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- fixed waypoint visibility table
- bot belief (danger) changes
- learned bot belief is saved across maps
- opens later waypoint now works
- bug with finding enemies fixed
- getprop system updated
- CPU optimizations (requires increasing vis revs - see individual bot profiles)

- support for DOD:S
- support for capture flag maps / bomb maps
- comes with dod_anzio, dod_colmar, dod_avalanche and dod_jagd waypoints
- requires qaypoints for other maps to work for them
- bots support attacking and defending
- sniping
- machine gunning
- radio commands
- automatic class changing
- smart capturing decisions
- grenade throwing
- understand smoke grenades
- bots can go prone
- bots run for cover when reloading and when they see a grenade
- bots can climb up and down ladders if waypointed properly


- normal weapon switching depending on ammo/distance
- bots picking up objects with grav gun and shooting enemies
- ladder climbing
- sprinting
- bots jumping over obstacles
- bots using chargers (armor/health)

- hooks player move function so all the pyro/gravity/rocket jump/double jump/hw guy bugs are fixed
- waypoints for some event maps and others (thanks community)
- medic improvements
- bots fight halloween bosses (added cvar rcbot_bossattackfactor)
- bots shout activate uber when being healed and can be ubered if they want to be ubered
- spies choose diguise classes better
- engineers place dispensers more reliably
- general optimizations
- rewritten getprop code
- spies cloaking/decloaking better when they see an enemy
- a nested move+look priority system
- bots push on overtime and when nearby players say go go go or move up
- spy changes
- bots only shoot when nearly looking at enemy (added cvar rcbot_enemyshootfov)
- bots dont listen to medics using medi guns or engineers using wrench
- bots aim jitter in tf2
- engineer on blue team (attack map) bug fixed when wanting to place teleports
- bots no longer pick up health if they are being healed by a medic

and much more!
more TF2 fixes include...
- defending team taking more care defending the point when under attack
- bots say sentry ahead or incoming at appropriate moments
- bots looking around better (You can use unreachable waypoints to help) - see ctf_2fort and dod:s waypoints as examples
- demomen pipe jumping
- demomen pipe attack while in cover


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