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  0.71 Updates


all: using optimized sin/cos
all: fixed random crash to do with weapons (all mods)
all: fixed, all mods: weapon updating
all: fixed bug - bots not listening to other players (improves combat)
all: fixed "you do not have access to command" after map change (all mods)
all: fixed divide by zero error
all: fixed waypoint radiuses not being updated when bots touched waypoints
all: changed bot touch waypoint behaviour

waypointing: automatically add crouch waypoint if player is holding crouch button
waypointing: added waypoint add e.g. rcbot waypoint add sniper 3 (adds sniper waypoint at area 3)
waypointing: added pathwaypoint removefromto , and pathwaypoint createfromto commands
waypointing: smaller crouch waypoints

tf2: spies attack enemies on the point when disguised
tf2: spy detection changes (if enemy is disguised as team spy and decloaks they don't detect the spy as long as everything else checks out)
tf2: spies uncloaking when capturing point / spies defending point by attacking any enemy on point within a distance (cvar)

dods: extra waypoints for stock maps thanks to genmac (alencore)
dods: bots step back from bombs before they explode better
dods: fixed a class bug where bots just stood still and did nothing
dods: added command rcbot_nocapturing for custom maps/modes
dods: bots can plant bombs that block paths (new waypoint 'bombtoopen')
dods: bot choose to plant bombs in less dangerous capture points
dods: defending/sniping - bots will crouch at crouch waypoints
dods: improved flag/bomb detection/fixed number of capture points bots thought were available
dods: bots support flag and bomb capture points on the same map
dods: support for shooting breakable objects (new commands rcbot_shoot_breakable_dist, rcbot_shoot_breakables)
dods: fixed bots interrupting other bots defusing or planting

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