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all mods: please move rcbot2 folder to users home folder i.e. /users/ or ~/
all mods: Vfilesystem update
all mods: rcbot2 sv_tag
all mods: rcbot_ffa cvar , if 1 bots shoot each other disregarding teamplay
all mods: fixed bug with bots jumping etc at the wrong position
all mods: new debugging command 'rcbot debug hud' if 1, shows your debug bot info on screen
tf2 : fixed engineer facing the correct way when building
tf2 : fixed crash bug with engineer
tf2: bots pick up ammo from dropped weapons after killing enemies
hl2dm: bots use ammo crates if they need ammo
hl2dm: bots using buttons for lifts in hl2dm (need lift waypoints)
hl2dm: bots dont shoot explosive oildrum breakables
hl2dm: bots shoot breakables in the way
hl2dm: bots go to snipe points if they have crossbow
dod:s : bots prone when sniping on prone waypoints
dod:s : added prone waypoint
dod:s : machine gun changes -- bots shouldn't shoot from afar without deploying
other small changes


With the steampipe changes I've had to make many file system changes, so

  1. The rcbot folder should now be in Documents and Settings/[Your Username] OR Users/[Your Username] (for me it looks like C:/Users/Paul/rcbot2)

  2. (For linux this is simply ~/ )

  3. There are two hook offsets now, one for DOD:S and one for TF2, (they are different now)

  4. The installer should work but installs to both possible folders either steampipe or non steampipe (i.e. your account name or common)

  5. The DLL goes into the same directory (in the mod/bin folder)

Hope this is okay with you guys to get the bot to work and install easily

PS a make shift linux SO is here


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