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  Hi guys since the birth of my baby girl I thought I should just release this now as I might not have a lot of time these days to update so frequently. This update has the new waypoint menu. It basically uses the debug engine which can only be used on listen server, also it uses the buttons 1-9 and 0 on the keyboard, so it changes some binds, as long as you use those for selecting weapons already you shouldn't have a problem.

there is also a ladder waypoint improvement which requires the waypointer to make each ladder waypoint yaw face the ladder


installer/launcher : fixed issues with dods install and launcher writing wrong values
all mods : new sophisticated waypoint menu
all mods : default waypoint drawtype is now 3
all mods : waypoint visibility percentage shown
all mods : new waypoint type "fall" (fall damage)
all mods : fixed crash in debug hud with looktask string error
all mods : fixed bad memory allocation errors
all mods : reliability fix for cfindpath task
all mods : more debug hud info
all mods : debug crash fixes
all mods : changes for linux
all mods : fixed bug when bots wouldn't change weapon when they were out of ammo
all mods : aiming system changes, better aiming, especially for stationary targets
all mods : bots turn quicker on ladders to improve climbing success
all mods : fixed bots looking at waypoints wrong
all mods : improved ladder climbing (make sure waypoint YAW is facing the ladder)
all mods : bot debug hud more information
dod:s : fixes bots not seeing properly through windows
dod:s : fix bots not proning on sniper spots (again!)
dod:s : bots don't run away from smoke grenades
dod:s : bots aim for the head if visible (more deadly)
dod:s : fixed crash with bots capturing
tf2 : fixed bots wrongly defending or attaking points when switching teams after round reset
tf2 : spy detection changes, bots shouldn't be able to redetect the same spy if it has changed disguise and gone out of sight
tf2 : spy detection improvement: bots seeing teammates shooting spies will shoot them too
tf2 : spy detection improvement: spies who are cloaked and on fire can be seen
tf2 : bots detect a spy if they are cloaked, on fire and no spies on team
tf2 : fixed on fire detection (medics heal at a higher priority)
tf2 : bots shout spy if they see an undisguised enemy spy
tf2 : bots remember spies that killed them
tf2 : changes to enemy following
tf2 : simple spy checking - bots melee the air, pyros fire flamethrower
tf2 : update bot shooting fov
tf2 : bots don't listen to cloaked spies
tf2 : fixed sniper bug with snipers running on the spot
tf2 : changes to spy detection and engi building
tf2 : fixed engis not placing moved objects (esp. dispensers)
tf2 : scouts jump around sometimes from waypoint to waypoint
tf2 : extra spy checking, bots might melee friendlies searching for spies
tf2 : bots try to go back to their last seen medic for health (it may also be a spy)
tf2 : ammo/health pickup changes, bots should change task if they suddenly picked up health or ammo
tf2 : possible crash fix for demoman
tf2 : engineer bots place a sentry when they hear 'put sentry here' voice command while moving a sentry
tf2 : bots check for spies again if they hear a 'spy' voice command
tf2 : medic crash bug fixed
tf2 : fixed blue team bots now don't defend the point on attack and defend maps
tf2 : engineer bots place moved object better if being attacked
tf2 : bots see teleporters quicker so they use them more often
tf2 : scouts automatically double jump off new waypoint type "fall" to save fall damage
tf2 : fixed gameevent debug crashing
tf2 : changes to sniping/when area changes bots change position
tf2 : changes to engineer building to increase build success
tf2 : bots should be able to seee sentries better from below
tf2 : engineer bots should think about moving their objects after a point is captured
tf2 : bot belief updated properly for sentry guns
tf2 : bots choose more dangerous places to defend over the safest
tf2 : fixed snipers not moving when sniper waypoint changes area and when they run out of ammo


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