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installer: changed installation messages / added correct terms
launcher: fixed exception at start up
dod:s added breakable waypoint for DOD:S (a rocket or grenade is required to break a wall nearby)
dod:s breakable waypoint can be team only
dod:s removed health/ammo waypoint types for DOD:S
dod:s changes to reloading in dod:s to prevent bots clicking their gun too often
all: fixed some waypoint menu glitches
all: changed some captions on waypoint menu
all: added some pathwaypoint commands into waypoint menu
tf2: fixed medics not healing
tf2: medics follow their healing player better
tf2: sentry guns have an even higher priority to become enemies
tf2: hwguys don't waste time revving their minigun if on fire or ubered
tf2: engineer crash fix
tf2: choice of defend waypoint changed in pl maps

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