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  EDIT: I've updated the dll files because I noticed a dumb typo in my code which caused an annoying bug, where bots tried to avoid themselves! Download the latest to fix.

I thought I'd take tonight to finally release this version of my bot, I've been working on it for ages and its nearing the time I will be heading back for another academic year so I'd like to get the bot out before then So it was a bit of a rush to finish it, there may be some unfinished documentation, still a few bugs remaining of course, but all bugs from previous versions should be gone since it was a total re-write.

Here are the changes:

V. 1.0


-: Supports Mods: NS 2.0+, SvenCoop 2.1/3.0, DMC, HL Bumpercars 1.3.
-: Seperate profile for each bot, means each bot is unique
-: New task system.
-: New bot chat system.
-: New movement code, bots can target onto enemies while moving along their path.
-: Bot reputation system allows bots to like/dislike players.
-: Hopefully a reduce in CPU usage.
-: Metamod version and normal version for windows available.
-: Seperate weapon configuration file can be edited by the user.


-: Bots remember positions of enemies and return to them if they die.
-: Bots now always jump & crouch to jump higher.
-: Bots can use lifts/doors better
-: Bots can try to run for cover if they get damaged.


They CAN:

-: Do long jumps (using crouch-jump waypoint)
-: Shoot monsters
-: Use chaingun's and other new weapons in Svencoop 3
-: Don't shoot scientis/barneys
-: Use approriate door buttons
-: Use "use only" doors
-: Heal players
-: Attempts to heal players that shout "medic!" (If the bot sees the player)
-: Take cover when they get damaged
-: Take cover when they see a grenade
-: Take cover when someone yells "take cover!" (If the bot sees the player)
-: Use health / armor rechargers
-: Swim like champions :p have a bit of trouble getting out of water though :(

They CAN'T

-: Do human towers.
-: Carry out complicated objectives.


-: Gorges should be improved.
-: Gorges ask for help if under attack

New waypoint types:

-: Fly waypoint (For NS at the moment for Lerk, Jetpack etc).
-: End Level/Objective waypoint.
-: Crouch-Jump waypoint.
-: Lift button waypoint.
-: Wait for lift waypoint works now.
-: Teleport waypoint (Similar to teleport waypoint in RCBot 1.5 for RC)
-: Weapon,ammo,health,armor waypoints.
-: Stay close to waypoint (Bot slows down and stays close to the waypoint)
-: Opens Later Waypoint (Useful for svencoop, denotes the waypoint is in an
-- area that opens up later, example: a teleport).

PROBLEMS Still occuring in this version:

-: Ladder climbing isn't very good :(
-: Skulks can't wall-stick very well :(

LIMITATIONS of the version of the bot

-: Bots depend on more waypoints in more areas
-- i.e. if they can't find a waypoint nearby they won't move
-- and waypoints in more areas give bots better cover places


See rcbot_commands.txt for details

I still recommend having which bot too on the alien side, you can do this easier now by using metamod, If you think the RCBot alien side isn't up to much. Linux support is still to be added, I will get round to it soon.

Check out the forums for more updates.

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Comment posted by : Magnum45 At : 2003-09-22 12:26:53

W00T Sweet You almighthy bot one this is GREAT THX VERY MUCH



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