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convar rcbot_sv_cheats_warning: If disabled, bots will try to spawn even if sv_cheats is 1 - use only with admin cvar plugin
convar rcbot_enable_wpt_sounds: Enable/disable sound effects when editing waypoints
changed weapon structure slightly to accommodate projectile speed
altered gravity aiming for projectiles (use convar rcbot_projtweak to tweak)
HPB_Bot2o.dll can be used if rcbot2 folder is not in the users home folder
fixed waypoint path display bug
sprint changes
added waypoint editing sounds
added autowaypointing from RCBOT1 with extras
fixed bug #10 mistake with passed arguments in r285 @ sourceforge bugs
updated default hook offsets

This release includes two DLL files.
One which is the normal dll (HPB_Bot2.dll) expects the rcbot2 folder in the users/ directory
Another (HPB_Bot2o.dll) uses the old filesystem position in HL mods folder which either:
1. expects the rcbot2 folder in the steam / account name directory for non steampipe mods, or...
2. expects the rcbot2 folder in the steam / common directory for steampipe mods


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