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  Two Files :

HPB_Bot2.dll for files in home folder
HPB_Bot2o.dll for files in parent folder of mod folder (for dedicated servers mainly)


all: bots don't need sv_cheats!
all: deleted rcbot_sv_cheats_warning command and other cheat related commands as they are not needed now
all: waypoint version now 4 : Waypoints made in this version won't work in older versions!
all: added rcbot welcome message (tool tip)
all: waypoint author and modifier info saved in new waypoint
all: added welcome message showing author and modifier of waypoints, author is only saved once
all: fixed far away squad members stopping when leader stops moving
all: new cvar to allow tooltips
all: tooltips for waypoints
all: new squad cvar to increase/reduce frequency of bot squads
all: player joining crash fix (teds suggestion)
all: added 'rcbot util teleport' command
all: added 'rcbot util set_teleport' command
all: added 'rcbot util god' command
all: added 'rcbot util noclip' command
all: added waypoint type 'teleport' (cheat) makes bots teleport from the teleport waypoint to the next waypoint
all: rcbot waypoint drawtype 4 will show automatically generated danger (red = dangerous) waypoints of a bots team, rcbot debug nav 1 and rcbot debug bot must be used first.
dod:s added timeout for snipers and machine gunners if they cant deploy or zoom
dod:s allow bots to crouch when reloading at crouch or machinegun waypoints
dod:s All bot classes can snipe or deploy mg if they pickup an mg or sniper rifles
dod:s bots respond to need mg voice command
dod:s bots try to use secondary melee weapon in dod:s
dod:s MGs move up after 'move up mg' voice command
dod:s MGs move up when they see friendly killed
dod:s bots shoot breakables only if not seen enemy for a short time
tf2: hwguys don't rev minigun if they have the flag
tf2: bots don't investigate sounds in tf2 if they have the flag
tf2: bots can't hear spies attacking with knife behind them unless they know there are spies nearby
tf2: bots listen to footsteps and investigate teammates attacking
tf2: fixed bots spychecking observers
tf2: engineers less probability of changing class when they die if they have many buildings
tf2: spies try more alternative routes
tf2: engineers are more successful at building nearby teammates buildings
tf2: fixed some soldiers not rocket jumping



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