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  TF2 update!

Main thing is the player speed is fixed! Also engineers now turn their sentry in a better angle.

Changelog 0.85

all: fixed player speed
all: improved aiming
all: fixed aiming for head when enemy was crouched
all: new debug commands "rcbot_debug_notasks" and "rcbot_debug_dont_shoot"
all: fixed random waypoint selection if on new map
all: you can now force a bot to go to a waypoint id with bot_goto command
all: added more cost for visible waypoints to an enemy in some situations
all: fixed printing on console jumbled up
tf2: fixed engineers sentry orientation
tf2: engineers place entrance when they spawn
tf2: medics don't run for cover from flag carriers now , they chase them
tf2: engineers try not to place sentries next to each other
tf2: fixed spy checking for too long
tf2: fixed bots shouting "spy" at spawn
tf2: fixed demomen not piping sentries
tf2: improved demomen mortar
tf2: fixed spy crash
tf2: fixed another crash when bots want to change classes
tf2: engineers dont attack an enemy if their sentry is attacking the same enemy
tf2: bots dont hear spy knives as often
tf2: added sentry attacking and hiding from a distance
tf2: engineers dont spy check if their building is sapped
tf2: bots change class after round
tf2: automatic capture point detection if no script (e.g. tc_hydro)
tf2: engineers refrain from reusing same sentry point they tried to build last time
tf2: engineers have better chance building nearby others and in other locations
tf2: spies now sap dispensers
tf2: engineers dont investigate sounds unless they have a sentry up and they aren't carrying anything
tf2: engineers upgrade buildings if they have enough metal instead of trying to get full metal
tf2: demoman pipe/spam task added - untested
tf2: bots don't try to use teleporters or disps if they are sapped
tf2: fixed bots forgetting the last sentry that killed them
tf2: bots don't investigate sounds unless they haven't seen an enemy for a while
tf2: ubered bots don't go back to resupply for ammo
tf2: snipers and sentries have higher enemy factor
dod:s - bots run from friendly fire grenades
dod:s - improved escaping from grenades
dod:s - bots say "cease fire" if under friendly fire


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