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tf2: updated and fixed some waypoints
tf2: bots will try to avoid sentries that killed them before when attacking point
tf2: new command rcbot_tf2_pyro_airblast_ammo
tf2: pyros airblast attackers of point
tf2: fixed demomen reverting to primary weapon at a distance
tf2: bots follow enemies if ubered
tf2: bots dont follow ubered enemies
tf2: pyros airblast ubered enemies
tf2: pyros airblast capping / defending players
tf2: bots will hang around route waypoints for more team mates
tf2: more chance of red defending first point if round has not yet started
tf2: fixed medic crash on cp_degrootkeep
tf2: included RD mode - bots attack robots
tf2: fixed bots going back to use teleporter bug
tf2: fixed engineers not placing carried objects bug
tf2: bots follow their enemy to the defend point if CP map
tf2: pyros occasionally deflect rockets
all: fixed bots not choosing correct weapon due to distance


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