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  0.95 : full change list
DOD:S Fixed two crashes
DOD:S Upon seeing a friendly being killed snipers will try to find a good sniper point to attack other snipers or MGs
tf2: updated MVM waypoints + new Sd_doomsday_event waypoints
tf2: Lots of MVM improvements (mvm map must have flag waypoint near enemy bot spawn and capture point at defend point)
tf2: Fixed slow heavy guy when revving mini gun
tf2: updated default rcbot_runplayer_cmd_tf2 to 418
tf2: demomen who are piping stop when they get hurt
tf2: fix bug with bots standing in respawn in MVM
tf2: bots choose more defensive classes in MVM
tf2: bots stop hiding when they get ubered
tf2: bots are aware of nearby ally sentries that are shooting
tf2: spies and engineers try to avoid walking into their sentries by mistake
tf2: linux build fix
tf2: engineers dont change class so often if they have a 3rd level sentry
tf2: engineers dont move their sentry if it recently shot an enemy
tf2: bots have higher priority to shoot defending players on CP points
tf2: if there are no medics on a team there will be a higher chance for a bot to change class to medic
tf2: bots take cover from pipe grenade fix
tf2: snipers take cover from pipe grenades when sniping
tf2: engineers stop trying to upgrade a building if it is being moved
tf2: bots know they can go into other teams spawn when they win a round
tf2: pyros dont airblast grenades so close
tf2: players only go back to cap points that they own which are under attack
tf2: RD map fix
tf2: fixed medic healing bugsall: fixed some crashes due to rcbot commands
all: fixed some other possible crashes
all: fixed a melee weapon bug

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