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  includes new MVM waypoints by genmac :)

all: rcbot_supermode 1 allows bots to increase skill to aimbot like skill for a challenge (works mainly for tf2)
all: rcbot_addbottime changes the time bots are automatically added after each other
all: an addbot queue that allows multiple addbot commands without crashing or any bad effect
tf2: spies run away once they reach a lower amount of health (customised by cvar rcbot_spy_runaway_health)
tf2: spies now only cloak if they see an enemy and uncloak if they think no-one is looking at them
tf2: spies put more priority into attacking enemies who can't see them
tf2: improved spy sapping and engi sap removal, upgrading and building
tf2: crash fix
tf2: more spy fixes
tf2: engineer teleport exit building improved
tf2: spies don't attack any players if there is an unsapped sentry in range
tf2: demomen stop piping when they get hurt
tf2: spies don't attack if they see an unsapped sentry around them


MvM video by Genmac :)

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