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  New update to RCBot 2 for the latest in Steam update nonsense.

PLEASE DELETE YOUR OLD RCBot2 DLL and VDF from each mod before install.

Metamod Source version now only supported. The latest version includes metamod and an installer to automatically install metamod source and RCBOT2 into your mods.

Download RCBot 1.0

You can now edit the path of where you have installed RCBot by writing it in the rcbot2.vdf which is now placed in the MOD/addons/metamod folder


"Metamod Plugin"
"alias" "RCBot2"
"file" "addons/rcbot2meta"
"rcbot2path" "[where you have installed RCBOT2]"

the rcbot2.vdf and the rcbot2path is created automatically by the installer from where you choose to install

Includes fixes for the following problems:

all: updated for latest Steam
all: comes with Installer and latest Metamod Source
all: weapons ini allows weapon customisation
all: hookinfo.ini allows end users to update hooks
all: fixed hookinfo.ini loading from beta version
all: added rcbot2path into rcbot metamod VDF
tf2: medics can heal enemy spies if they dont think they are the enemy
tf2: more support for new weapons
tf2: medic fixes and improvements
tf2: fixed engis not moving equipment after successful MVM wave
tf2: fixed some bugs related to sentry gun management
tf2: bots now using custom loadouts use rcbot_customloadouts 1
tf2: allow bots to use buff items
tf2: bots attempt to use drink and snipers use bow
tf2: added projectile prediction for cow mangler
tf2: fixed some weapons
tf2: fix crash with sniper

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