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  This is a WIP "conversion" of RCBot to Svencoop 5 (It's mostly a total rewrite with some copied code from RCBot 1 and 2) for Angelscript. AS it is WIP I'll be updating it regularly with bug fixes/new missing features etc, thought I'd put it up for some to test.

If you don't know what RCBot is, well its a bot, replacing player slots that act like players and shoots monsters etc..


just download all files (Download/Clone as zip) extract into the BotManager directory in scripts/plugins. (overwrite) The files will overwrite the current "Bot" scripts as it was based on the sample.

Bots can run around / shoot enemies, pick up ammo/health/weapons/armor, use health/HEV chargers, use teleports, take cover, press buttons (at objective points -- not tested), shoot breakables (not tested). (i.e. its a work in progress).
Bots CAN'T use ladders yet, or secondary fire, or use grapple etc yet or other fancy stuff.

BTW: for devs
Can't seem to hook TakeDamage() which would be quite useful!!!
Cant save waypoints due to angelscript limitation!

addbot Adds a new bot
waypoint_off Display waypoints off
waypoint_on Displays waypoints on
waypoint_add Adds a new waypoint
waypoint_delete Adds a new waypoint
waypoint_load Loads waypoints
waypoint_save Saves waypoints
pathwaypoint_create1 Adds a new path from
pathwaypoint_create2 Adds a new path to
waypoint_info print waypoint info
waypoint_givetype give waypoint type
waypoint_removetype remove waypoint type
debug debug messages toggle
godmode god mode
noclip noclip
all commands via as_command rcbot. e.g. "as_command rcbot.addbot"
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