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RCBot Forums _ SvenCoop Waypoints _ [Release] Sandstone Waypoint

Posted by: madmax2 Jul 26 2016, 02:26 AM

Here is the updated waypoint for the map Sandstone, for sc4.8 (4.x, 5.x).

I modified the rcw that was included with Cheeseh's waypoint pack. I thought I was going to do more on it, but it seems to work good as is. I meant to release this sooner...

Actually, I did a lot to it, there were several places the waypoint did not fit the 4.x/5.x map. I added some new stuff, too. And there is an issue with bots getting stuck to NPC's in the new spawn area, but this waypoint will make the bots suicide if that happens.

See the readme for details, and I recommend setting bot_stuck_speed to at least 30 (config bot_stuck_speed 30). This is a good setting for most all maps.

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