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Posted by: madmax2 Oct 3 2014, 07:21 PM

Here are two new waypoints for the map dod_claviers. I included a rcw for rcbot2 0.76 (.7 versions), and an rcw for 0.8/0.9 versions & newer. It's a nice, small, damaged town map.

The rcw is complete with all areas waypointed with the exception of a couple "not-useful" places (like the ladder in axis spawn area seemed more of a disadvantage to axis bots). The main difference between the 2 rcws is, the .8/.9 rcw has several cover_reload wpts added to it, and a change at one flag capture wpt, and some fixes for rcb.91. Bots can get to all places that have been waypointed...

I started this rcw June 25 (rcb.76), working on it a little bit at a time! So I hope it's good?

The .76 rcw probably favors axis, but allies could score wins too. The .8/.9 rcw (default) is fairly balanced in rcb.85, but seems to heavily favor axis in rcb.91, not sure why? I didn't test rcb .9 or .92 yet.

Hope you like it... wink.gif


Map Info & Download...

Map Author: otF yetihw aka. whitey

Map Author Post:

Map downloaded from (final version):

GameBanana page:

Posted by: Emotional Oct 6 2014, 04:18 AM

Thanks for your work! Nice wpt wink.gif