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RCBot Forums _ Svencoop 5 Angelscript .rcwa _ TheyHungry waypoints

Posted by: RoboCop Aug 22 2021, 04:02 PM

Hello, as anyone or is someone working on making waypoints for theyhungry map? One of our guests in Bots-United claims they won't work properly.

Posted by: madmax2 Aug 25 2021, 10:04 PM

Are you referring to theyRhungry maps here?

I downloaded those 2 maps and the first map has a rope that is no longer climbable, the short rope under the grate. Do you know if there is a ripent fix for the short rope, or fixed bsp for the first map?

I can make the bots tower up at the short rope, but it is very difficult for them, and 1 bot will be trapped there (probably ok since it is a short map). I have fixed the window rope...

Posted by: RoboCop Aug 28 2021, 11:41 AM

Well I thought it was `-They-Hunger_Ep1` etc?

Posted by: madmax2 Aug 30 2021, 02:00 AM

QUOTE(RoboCop @ Aug 28 2021, 03:41 AM) *

Well I thought it was `-They-Hunger_Ep1` etc?

Yeah, there are no waypoints for EP1 EP2 or EP3, as far as I know. w00tguys rcw's probably won't work because the map names changed and some have been merged. I'll do some checking and see what it will take to make some very basic waypoints. I'm very limited on time right now... wink.gif

Posted by: madmax2 Sep 4 2021, 05:50 AM

Episode 1 waypoints coming soon, perhaps this weekend... Maps 01 through 05 are working, not sure if I need to do anything on map 00? I need to check that wink.gif... There won't be any scripts, just basic waypoints. Map 01 would benefit the most with a script...

Posted by: madmax2 Sep 14 2021, 12:03 AM

Here is They Hunger EP1 waypoints for the Revised maps. Hope you like the result... smile.gif

Parts of w00tguy123's rcw's were converted and some heavily edited, to work with RCbot-AS. I only used They_Hunger_Ep1.rcw, they5.rcw, they6.rcw, they9.rcw, they11.rcw, they14.rcw. None of the other rcw's would fit any part of the Revised maps... Significant rework of the waypoints was needed on all but the intro map...

Bots are not set up to drive any vehicles, trains or police cars, players need to do that to complete those maps. 2 bots for single player may be best for these maps. There are places in maps th_ep1_04 & th_ep1_05 where bots may need some additional player help. I also used some fake ammo or health wpts on some maps so bots will run around & kill zombies more and not just make a bee line for the end of the map... The script for map th_ep1_01 is useful but optional. All of that is detailed in the readme.txt...

I need to mention a couple problems the bots have on these maps. I don't think the bots are seeing these enemies to well. Watching them with debug on, in map th_ep1_01, enemy is "none" until they touch zombies and get hit, usually from behind. Once they turn & face the zombie enemy may show "monster_zombie", and they then will select either the umbrella (weapon_crowbar) or the shovel (weapon_pipewrench). They don't do that as they approach an enemy (no guns in their inventory yet, melee only), so they die quickly or simply run past the zombies.

In the HUD, after I turned on monsterinfo, I don't think they see the "zombie cop" or the "zombie head" very well. I haven't been able to tell if they actually target these with the 357? Okay i think I caught monster_barney in debug for the "zombie cop", But they don't see them well. A search does show them as monster_barney. And "zombie head" = monster_headcrab. Perhaps this is more of a weapons issue, as most of the time they only have the umbrella, shovel, syringe (med-kit), or a weapon they won't use in their hand.

In EP1, the only gun I see them shooting is a re-skinned weapon_357 starting in th_ep1_02, but they don't get it until it is picked up, so bots run past a lot of zombies on this map too. I don't see them use any of these weapons:

weapon_colt1911 - first given in th_ep1_02, at times bots will be holding this but never use it
weapon_sawedoff - first given in th_ep1_02, bots start with the sawedoff but won't use it even on breakables
weapon_tommygun - first given in th_ep1_04, I never see bots select, holding or using this weapon..
weapon_m14 (SniperRifle) - I've disabled bots picking this up in th_ep1_01 because it won't respawn. Not given in any map. It is the same gun in map th_ep1_02 at the table in the cabin (different skin), but the bot that gets it usually dies to fast. I don't think I've seen bots use it in any of the maps?

In EP2 & EP3, bots may not use these weapons as well? I have not tested or waypointed EP2 or EP3...


These are weapons that are given to players at some point, in Ep2 & EP3 there may be pick up weapons, too?

I hope Cheeseh can look into this at some point, when he has the time...?

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