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RCBot Forums _ Beta Version _ RCBot Beta Digest (to complete)

Posted by: Cheeseh Jun 4 2006, 06:56 PM

////This thread is under construction!////

A lot of RCBot beta work has not been formally documented, some have just been scattered all round the forum and people are missing all the features and how to use them, well that's what this thread is for (and for you to comment)

eventually i might wiki this.

Actually a lot of these commands were implemented before the latest beta and have been kept under wraps as debug commands for myself hehe.


1.1 Changing RCBot Folder

1. Make (or edit) a file called "rcbot_folder.ini" in the half-life root directory (NOT the rcbot or mod directory)

2. Simply write in the the location where the "rcbot" folder is relative to the half-life root folder (I.e. where the rcbot_folder.ini file is itself!) so basically if you put the "rcbot" folder into the Natural Selection Mod folder ("ns/") simply put "ns/" in the file and that's it. Then run rcbot as normal.

1.2 Marine vs Marine / Alien vs Alien maps (Natural Selection)

1. Use the command "rcbot config abnormal_game 1" to activate the bots "abnormal game mode" which means it uses different methods of finding team members and enemies.

1.30 Real mode (Chatting)

disable megahal (unless speaking to a specific bot name).

to disable chatting

rcbot config real_mode 0
config reply_chat_percent 0
config chat_percent 0

1.31 Bot chat learning

you can disable chat learning (Recommended if its causing crashes)

rcbot config chat_dont_learn 1

it stops parsing messages and adding them to each bots database

1.32 Team Forcing (The Specialists)

1. You must first setup the server variable mp_teamlist, for example it might be "agent;hitman" you might want to change that. Basically the first team in the mp_teamlist will be team 1, the second team 2 and so on.

2. Also make sure mp_teamplay is 1 ("mp_teamplay 1" in console) even if it's a team game, just check it as its the only method of checking teamplay for the bots

3. Before adding a bot change the command "rcbot config force_team <team number>" where <team number> is the team number you want the bot to join. The team numbers are related to the mp_teamlist as written in step 1.

1.4 Stealing Guns (The Specialists)

By default bots will steal guns from enemies when they kung fu them, to disable use the command "rcbot config ts_dont_steal_weapons 1" to enable again set it back to 0.

1.5 Picking up guns (The Specialists)

From the latest rcbot beta version, by default bots will pickup guns lying around, to disable use the command "rcbot config ts_dont_pickup_weapons 1" to enable again set it back to 0.

1.6 Disable gun buying (The Specialists)

Use the command "rcbot config ts_kungfu 1" to enable "kung fu" mode or disable bots "buying" guns (They dont properly buy guns, they cheat so you need to set this variable to 1 if you have buying disabled)

1.7 Zombie mode (The Specialists)

Use all the above specialists commands to your preference.

1. set up the teamlist properly
2. before adding bots force the team to the zombie team
3. disable stealing guns if you wish
4. disable picking up guns if you wish
5. enable kung fu mode for bots if you dont want them to "buy" weapons
6. might want to disable "real mode" commands
7. might want to disable weapon learning (next command -- 1.8) (If disabled weapons of course, disable this!)
8. might want to disable chat learning

I've also added mecklenburg_b5 waypoints to the ts waypoints for download from the filebase here: as I know it's a popular zombie map!

you can put all the commands in the rcbot config ini you get when downloading the rcbot files. or use a map specific config .

Advantages with rcbot over the stock bots are they have goals (requires installed waypoints), for example in mecklenburg there are goals in the police station and places where guns are located, so you'll get a group of zombies running for the gun shop or police for some fun tongue.gif

1.8 Weapon learning (The Specialists)

The bots can learn and use the best weapons available for the specialists. I recommend this is used only for when kunfu mode is off and when a weapon limiting metamod/amx plugin is used.

by default it is on, but can be disabled using "rcbot config disable_weapon_learning 1"

1.9 Bot Squads (Most mods)

By default bots can create their own squads, to disable use "rcbot config disable_bot_squads 1". Sometimes they are a bit clumsy with squads by themselves so you can disable it if you want.

You can make your own squads using "rcbot squad_menu"

1.10 Tell bot to go to a location (all mods)

Use the command "rcbot util bot_goto <bot name> [waypoint id]" you can tell a bot with the name of <bot name> to go to the optional [waypoint id] (if you are a waypointer), if you aren't a waypointer you can leave out the waypoint id argument and just use "rcbot util bot_goto <bot name>" which tells the bot "<bot name>" to go to your current location

1.11 Give a weapon (The Specialists) *CHEAT*

this is a cheat command that allows a player to create a weapon of their choice for the specialists. The command is "rcbot util givetsweapon <id>", id is a number between 1 and 35 (36 is kung fu)

1.12 Display Text on the HUD of players

The command "rcbot util hudtext" allows someone to give a nice looking message to all players.

the format of the command is "rcbot util hudtext <message> <colour>"

inside the <message> you can place underscores _ which will be replaced by spaces or carrot signs (^) to create a new line, for example the message: "hello_and^welcome" will display:

"hello and

the colours can be either blue,green,yellow,red,purple or cyan.

1.13 Create a massive explosion

the function "rcbot util explo <magnitude>" creates an explosion of <magnitude> (amount of damage) in the position you are facing. keep the magnitude below 4000 hehe

1.14 Make flying objects bounce off you

Use the command "rcbot util projectile_rep" and it will toggle on and off. this command makes flying objects bounce off you in the direction they came from, e.g. headcrabs will jump towards you then fly 100 ft backwards.

1.15 Teleporting

You must first set your teleport location...

"rcbot util set_teleport"

sets your current position as the teleport position.

Teleporting yourself: "rcbot util teleport"

Teleporting another player: "rcbot util teleport <first part of player name>"

Teleporting any entity: face the entity and use the command "rcbot util teleport_ent"

1.16 Create a command console (Natural Selection) *CHEAT*

"rcbot util buildcomm" creates a command console at your location

Posted by: IHQ-Reima[DWMH] Jul 10 2006, 10:24 PM

rcbot util explo (magnitude) crashes server very easily. Even few explosions with mag 1 crashes the server. This is with NS. Dont know about other mods tongue.gif

Posted by: Cheeseh Jul 10 2006, 10:47 PM

yeah NS and TFC it crashes. SvenCoop it works okay, I am guessing also HL DM it will work. Mods with lots of engine changes (i.e. NS, TFC) will cause it to crash