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RCBot Forums _ TF2 _ Confused with steamdir and gamedir

Posted by: Cinibonswirl26 Feb 9 2016, 03:54 AM

I'm trying to setup RCbot for TF2 on a dedicated server.

For the steam dir, do I need to put in the whole path name? (C:\hlserver\tf2\) Or do I only need to put in the tf2?

If someone could post an example, that'd be great! smile.gif

Posted by: madmax2 Feb 11 2016, 10:21 PM

A bit late, but it should be like this if the game/mod folder is here, C:\hlserver\tf2\tf. Don't use the full path in the bot_mods.ini...

mod = TF2
steamdir = tf2
gamedir = tf
bot = TF2

If it is set wrong you should get an error in the console telling you how to set it, like this...

[RCBot] HL2 MODIFICATION "tf2/tf" NOT FOUND, EXITING... see bot_mods.ini in bot config folder
[BOT ERROR] Mod not found. Please edit the bot_mods.ini in the bot config folder
steamdir = tf2
gamedir = tf

See a few of these posts here, as example...

Notice there, that you can use the full path in the rcbot2.vdf for rcbot2path, this is so the plugin can locate the rcbot2 folder, which can be put anywhere with the metamod versions. I have the rcbot2 folder in common on listenserver, so I use the full path for that. You should not need the full path for a server sub-folder location...