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> Converted Waypoints for RCbot-AngelScript, Updated & Tested for Git
post Nov 11 2018, 08:33 AM
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Converted, Updated & Tested Waypoints for RCbot-AngelScript
Latest Update: 4-15-19 (* denotes latest update(s))

These rcwa's are ready to add to the Git Repository, if you wish to do so... smile.gif

I will add all converted & updated/fixed waypoints here.

Note, some waypoints may be WIP's and may get updated more than once.

Added Royals Series (1,2,3,4) - 3-10-19 WIP's - sc_royals2 needs more work, bots make it as far as blooders pool
Updated sc_royals1 - 3-23-19 fixes for vents & reworked pushables area, see post below for details
Updated sc_royals2 - 3-18-19 bots can & do use grapple, blooders pool fixes, bots go full circle to end of map
Updated sc_royals2 - 4-2-19 Improved blooders pool fixes, cavern jumps
* Updated sc_royals2 - 4-15-19 Improved grapple & HT area, cavern jumps, navigation, more pickups, etc...
Added Last Stand Series - 2-8-19 Updated original waypoints by Mard
Updated Last Stand 1 & 3 (Last & Last3) - 2-27-19 Better navigation, shortcuts, HT/vent
Updated Last2 - 2-25-19 - bots grapple at electric floor, use all shortcuts, & more...

Deadsimpleneo2.rcwa - Only tested in Classic game mode. Bots will pick a game mode randomly, but I recommend picking the game mode you wish to play, then add bots from the Waiting/Ready room.

Added Murks.rcwa - 12-1-18 Bots can play the whole map

Added desertcircle.rcwa + script - Updated rcwa & script 2-17-19 Bots can play the whole map, fixed flag issue with script


Updated sc_persia.rcwa - 1-14-19 Bots can play the whole map, Lattice ladder fixed + other improvements

Updated richard_boderman.rcwa - 1-13-19 Bots can play the whole map, ladders fixed

Updated Intruder.rcwa - 1-13-19 Bots can play the whole map, ladders fixed
(old info - Fixed issues at 2 ladders, few unreachables, reworked shack at beginning)

Updated Infested2.rcwa - 12-1-18 Hotfix - disabled last long ladder so bots won't get in way of players

Updated Quarter.rcwa - 12-1-18 Speed Update, so bots exit last 2 spawn rooms faster and get HMG better

Updated sc_doc.rcwa - 1-20-19 Fixed ladders, Improved Cavern jumps, fixed ceiling switch, pry door faster - 2 bots can do it too, jumps for bot jam in passage way to pry door
(old info - Fixed both HTs, vent ladder, doors better, Cheeseh's tweaks included)

See the waypoint topics for these maps for more information...

I should add, if others wish to add converted waypoints to this topic, they may do so. Please create a new topic for new waypoints, thanks...

I converted sc_psyko 4-2-20, bots no longer freeze in the spawn room. See this post to download...

I converted shattered 4-21-20, bots can play the map with player help, Updated 4-24-20

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Attached File  updated_rcwa_pack.zip ( 80.81k ) Number of downloads: 146
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post Apr 16 2019, 12:48 AM
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Updated sc_royals2
I recommend no more than 3 bots for this map, even with 3 bots there can be some temporary jams in some tight areas, nothing permanent that I know of. Just wait it out if it happens. With 2 bots you likely won't see any jam/stuck problems, I did all testing with 3 bots.

Summary, *see details below, if interested... wink.gif
*1. New Human Tower and Grapple configuration. It's a dual path setup now. First bot can open the shortcut door now.

*2. Adjusted waypoints for shortcut door to cavern, so bots won't get stuck to the skulls there. Chances are greatly reduced, maybe 2% chance it may happen.

*3. Cavern jumps improved for faster computers. Bots use 2 paths at the last jump, straight or loop... Changed the bridge area for more action and a falling issue...

*4. Better movement & action at the well area. Bots circle the well & double jump to the roof now. Bots usually won't jump right into the well, which opens the last (first) shortcut door.

-- Mummy Pit adjustments, so bots can move through quickly once it has been cleared.

-- Fixes for barnacle gun ladder, if 3 bots bunch up on the ladder they should sort out quickly, but it likely won't happen with this waypoint.

-- Blooders Pool is about the same, but added unreachable wpts for slaves, and waypointed the battery there.

-- Waypointed more pickups for bots, new wpts/paths & re-pathed areas for more movement options. Waypoint positions adjusted for smoother navigation at corners, etc.

*1. Bots grappling will be near perfect as long as no other bot/player gets in the way. Bots move faster in this area now, for more attempts at the HT, and bots are no longer forced to stay on the HT wpt. The main reason I did that was, the first bot that survives the blooders pool & barnacles almost always goes straight to the HT wpt. This way the first surviving bot will open the shortcut door within about a minute or less.

I adjusted the jump wpt for the HT and I think the success rate is better. I noticed there is a pattern to the HT. First, the HT bot must be very close to the HT wpt, most of the time they are, but sometimes they get to far forward or off to the side, then towers will likely fail, but bots reset quickly too. The first time there, the jumping bot will land on the HT bots left shoulder, left shoulder jumps almost always fail here. If the bot roles remain the same, the jumping bot will almost always land on the HT bots right shoulder (or to the right of last attempt) the second time, and he will make a successful landing on the platform above. After adjusting the jump wpt, bots can even make the jumps if they are slightly left of center on the HT bot. I've seen them make backwards & reverse peroet jumps this way...

*2. Since my last release I've done about 20 revisions of the waypoint, yikes, a bit insane, I know blink.gif ... This whole area, cavern, shortcut door & skulls, and bridge area is where most of my time was spent. So I've tested for the stuckage problem here extensively. Since changing to the current config, there have been 3 stuck bots, 2 got free on thier own in under 2 minutes. I had to push up against & crowbar the 3rd bot, which freed up as soon as it came out of a crouch, so not to bad.

So to reduce stuck bots here, the path is oneway, new wpt/path that goes around that skull, and a staynear givetype was added. There are some collisions due to the way I have the bots opening the shortcut door. From the rope side they fall to the door. This causes bots to spin in place for about 10 seconds, then they turn around and go back up the rope. But once the door is open, falling bots from above can collide with bots climbing the rope, but it has been sorting out ok, without any permanent jams or stuck bots on the skull or the rope. I did have to raise the top wpt a bit for bots getting stuck near the top of the rope, that seems fixed.

Also, bots will still go opposite to the oneway path, it is a very short oneway path at the openslater wpt. There is a couple ways this will happen, colliding bots will be forced across, or falling bots run across the open path, they will just go right back up the rope or go to the cavern jumps, it works ok... I did leave a wpt over the top of the skull, I'm not sure at this point if it helps or hurts, but since the stuck bots are so rare, I chose to leave it in...

*3. I adjusted the jumps at the cavern stones for a faster PC, mainly had to fix the last jump where bots veered hard right. The easy fix would of been to just force bots to the alternate looping jump, but now they do both the loop & straight jump. I did add a wpt and adjust several for this wpt, but the main problem for the straight jump was way back on the first stone. All that was needed to fix the veering right on last stone jump, was to slightly move the wait/staynear waypoint on the first stone to the right. The problem was like an oscillation that got worse with each jump, first right, then left, then extreme right at the last jump. Bots were not doing this on my old slow PC, but since the waypoint jumps were adjusted for the old PC, the timing is different on the faster PC! The jumps still work ok on the slower PC, but perhaps not as good as they were before?

I did have some difficulty getting bots to open the shortcut door the way I want them to. It's close now but perhaps not perfect. Sometimes 1 or 2 bots, but usually 4 to 10 bots must successfully complete the jumps. Bots often go to the bridge area then return to open the shortcut door. I didn't want bots to open the shortcut fast, I can get them doing that without a script. I wanted to force players to have to try to make these jumps, at least part of the time, they are far easier than the blooders pool jumps. On fast PC's they will probably open the shortcut quicker than I would like to see, cause they are to good at the jumps.

I set the bridge area wpts to work with the shortcut door, bots can go to the other side of bridge then return to open the shortcut. They usually are forced back by monsters or just come back on their own, but some will keep going. Sometimes bots jumping the cavern will directly open the shortcut, it's somewhat random without a script, or something they really want, like ammo or armor. I slowed the bots down at the bridge with more crouch/jump wpts, so they don't get to far ahead of players, for more action on the bridge, and for a falling problem I will post elsewhere on...

*4. At the well area, I sort of crippled the bots so it's not easy to jump into the well, for several reasons. So again they don't get to far ahead of players, much improved longer battles here, they don't open next shortcut to fast by jumping down the well quickly, and likely to press the 2nd pyramid button here before opening the last shortcut. It works most of the time, sometimes a bot gets in the well to fast.

Several tweaks wpts added here for better bot movement/action, bots will circle well and double jump to the roof.

Note: I used a few "fake" givetypes to get bots working the way I wanted. I removed all armor givetyes, as they are a big priority for the bots, they seem to effect the routes bots will prefer. Examples: I put a ammo wpt on the battery at the blooders pool, if it was armor bots would rarely get the barnacle gun, unless I put armor on that too. To get bots using the longer loop path at the cavern jumps, I tagged a wpt in the path as ammo/health, where there is none.

I should try this with 2 bots, it might be better?

I'll post a couple issues that came up on this map/rcwa, and questions, perhaps tomorrow... Enjoy... smile.gif
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