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RCBot Forums _ RCbot2 _ Invitation To Come Play - HL2DM rcbot2 Server Surpasses 1yr Anniversary

Posted by: killbilly Jan 21 2019, 11:08 AM

Hey First and foremost wanna compliment Cheeseh and his development on a fantastic job on the rcbot2 code!!

They do run fantastic, and their contribution to the gaming community is greatly appreciated!! :-)

We run half a dozen different servers on the internet, several of them HL2DM.

Wanted to share this, and invite everyone in the forums and beyond to come see a live server kicking butt.

In the HL2DM games "find servers" screen, refresh the list, then click above the name of the servers and sort the list alphabetically, we are in the handful of them listed above all other servers regardless of name. They're called "Killbilly's Hillbillies".

The one with the bots is the "Killbilly's Hillbillies - Highspeed Combat" one.
To join directly, its:

There is another one just called Killbilly's Hillbillies, it's humans only, but server game play is identical.

We have been custom waypointing maps for HL2DM, have 3 programmers that just sit and do that in their spare time, and we have 40 maps done as of now, and the server rotates thru them to another map when any player (even bots) reaches 60 kills.

Our main server hosts almost 400, so at some point we hope to have most of those waypointed.

Happy to share all these waypoints with other HL2DM server builders if interested, just shout.

As of right now we've had 34153 unique players. So its a fairly popular server.

we are even happy to try and help others using linux get their servers live. Just shout.

Come and play, and Happy Fragging! :-)


Posted by: chinaa Feb 8 2019, 02:37 AM

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

good job !