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> dod_beachlanding, waypoints for tdf and standard map
post Nov 7 2019, 11:48 PM
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Modified Rcbot2 Waypoint by madmax2 for the DOD:source map dod_beachlanding_tdf

First, I want to say, I do like this map and it is fun watching the bots fall from the cliffs... Sorry this has taken so long, but I haven't had time to waypoint since august when one of my PC's began giving me problems, the PC I take on the road with me. It's still not fully fixed, had to put in a graphics card that won't run this game. The problem might be the PCIe slot on the main board? A PCI card fixed the desktop freezes I was getting. So I still need to get a solution that gets me more time to work on waypoints...

Here is a modified rcw for dod_beachlanding_tdf, the original rcw was by htt123, thanks man. It is still a WIP and not fully finished. The map is fully waypointed, but there may be some gaps in the defenses that human players could exploit. My idea for this release was to make it an attack/defend type of map. Axis bots are waypointed to defend the cliff/bunkers areas, and won't attack/capture the beach flags (an axis bot may sometimes slide down a rope and make it onto the beach by accident).

Bot Recommendations: players/bots - 16 to 22 recommended, 2 snipers & 2 mg's per team minimum, 3 each on axis team recommended with 18 or more bots. There are no defend wpts yet, just sniper/mg wpts, so more snipers & mg's will increase the cliff defenses for the axis.

Main changes from the original rcw:
* Attack/Defend waypoint, all paths to the beach are currently open, axis defend cliffs and flags on top

* Reworked the ropes for improved climbing and for stuck issues, allied bots use 4 of the 5 ropes for now

* Reworked/changed the wpts/paths in most all areas, deleted many wpts & paths, more could be deleted, fixed all stuck issues, I think? added new paths for allied bots on the beach

* Added radius to wpts in many areas (there was none before)

* Added crouch, sprint, and jump givetypes so bots will sprint some open areas better (crouch to increase energy). Also, The sprint & jumps are to get bots up from proning, In wide open areas and for when bots leave the bunkers...

* Added or changed sniper/mg wpts (there were no mg wpts in original rcw). Used a few mixed areas on sniper/mg wpts to increase the axis bots going to the bunkers/cliffs to shoot down on allied attackers...

* Added many cover_reload & crouch wpts for bots to use... both allied & axis use them when under fire

* Fixed the ladder in the left bunker

* Fixed the stairs path and tested, but bots currently won't use them, it's the long way to go and takes extra time, so I'm not sure if I will add route wpts there or not? I've blocked the axis using the stairs with a oneway path, for now...

To be done:
Add in defend wpts, to increase the bunker/cliff defenses, so axis get there quicker at round start

More tweaking, wpt and path editing could be done, bunker improvements

Possibly add some fixed positions for allied bots

Possibly add the 5th rope?

[edit] Needs Unreachable waypoints

Known Issues with this rcw:
Bots have some minor stuckages or hangs in some bunkers, they can't prone up steps in some bunkers, but can in other bunkers. The lower left bunker has been the worst, they are suppose to prone into the opening, but can't most of the time. I spent a whole day trying to fix this one bunker!

Allied Bots can climb the ropes good when not under attack. Once under fire from the axis, bots turn to face the attacker and let go of the rope. With 2 of the ropes, this can cause some bots to end up under the rope. I've added fixes so bots can get out from under the rope, but it can look messy at times, if multiple bots are attempting to climb the same rope. The worst rope for this is the middle rope (3rd from the left). Not sure if I can fix this any better, other than disabling the rope completely? I spent over a day on rope issues.

Map downloads:
(dodbits links to 17buddies)

(can be found here too)

Map Author:

Map images here (but this is standard map verion)(17buddies has images too):

I'll try to post a few action ScreenShots with RCbots soon...

Seems the tdf version of the map is harder to find than the standard version, so I may look at converting it to the standard version, which I just downloaded.

Doe's anyone know the difference between the tdf and standard map versions? Just spawn points maybe?

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post Yesterday, 12:34 AM
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Thanks! biggrin.gif

I edited my dodbits page link to your post above.

Know of any more new waypoints for dod:s ?

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