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> All DoD:S rcbot2 wpts, as of April 18, 2013
post Apr 18 2013, 03:04 AM
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Here are all my fully updated wpt pack for dods as jan-dec 2013...tnx.
Their my last edits last year which I kept forgetting to post here formally after almost a full year yay. Lots of improvements mostly on the stock maps
and those beach maps etc. Credit goes to other wpters here like madmax, testery, and emotional.


All DODS stock and custom map wpts for RCBot2 beta 0.72 as of April 18, 2013.

Place all the wpts here, example:
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\rcbot2\waypoints\Day of Defeat Source

Some of the wpts have been updated like:
- correct wpt jumps for rcbot2 0.72
- correct area tags for snipers/mg's
- added some prone wpts
- more improvements on other stock map wpts made by genmac and testery
- finetuned dod_flash wpts
- some little tweaks here and there to smoothen out more the navigation of bots
- etc etc...

Waypoints that have the _rcbot2 tag (defaultmapname_rcbot2.rcw) needs the modified maps to make sure they will work properly or else the bots will get stuck a lot more frequent on doors that's why their edited to either stay open or removed for good. Other maps needed some objective entity fix so the bots will accomplish the goal more aggressively like dod_plateau_b6_rcbot2.

So just download the modified maps found here as well for more infos...

Other wpt tags like:
_op ( one path wpts all bots goes straight to the capture points only, good for sniping practice or just plain fast paced battle straight ahead so predictable.)
_agc ( haha dont know whatever that means now but that's a wpt edited so axis defend the big guns only on dod_peleliu_b4)
_nb (no bomb...for tdm/ffa or normal dods)
_tdm_v2 ...well just for tdm or ffa modes.

So to use the different types of wpts to a specific map just make another copy of the map and rename it accordingly to the wpts for it.
dod_goodwood_b3_nb.bsp (map must be renamed like that)

Plz be inform that RENAMING THE WPTS WON'T WORK.

Again just go here for more infos on this little funky maps...

The DODS deathmatch plugin you can get here...

Cheeseh - Rcbot and RCbot2 author

DOD:S Waypointers:
Cheeseh, Testery, genmac, madmax

Download the dods rcbot2 wpt pack here:
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