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Posted by: TroopeR600 Apr 26 2005, 12:26 PM

How do u get a message on screen, just like when you start the game.
Like this: welcome (player name)
use the command "rcbot addbot" to add a bot etc. etc.

What i want is when you use the command "rcbot Waypoint on" (so you can see the waypoints) there comes a message on screen like above.

Thx tongue.gif

Posted by: Cheeseh Apr 26 2005, 10:32 PM

well you could make your own tooltip i.e. UTIL_BotToolTip() in util.cpp,

add a new string that you want to say such as "Bots waypoints are on!!" to the end of the tooltips string array, and a a new identifier to the eToolTip enumerated type in bot_const.h such as BOT_TOOLTIP_WAYPOINT_ON at the end.

or you could do it yourself by using HudText class, i.e.

HudText hudmessage;

hudmessage.SayMessage("waypoints are on",player_edict_here);

using the tooltips is better because it doesn't interrupt any current hud messages shown to the user that the bot has executed so they get might get shown a bit later but at least it wont muck up the screen messages on the hud.

Posted by: TroopeR600 Apr 28 2005, 12:19 PM

Ok, thx for your help