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> PsychoStats updated for PHP 7.X
post Jan 14 2022, 11:46 PM
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As of September 29, 2021, this repository and all related repositories have been mothballed. So long, thanks for all the fish, and anyone is more than welcome to take the work that has been done here, set up their own repositories, and fly with it.

This is, yet another, unofficial version of PsychoStats by Stormtrooper. Updated to work with PHP 5.3.0+ and MySQL 4.1.13+. The minimum required version of Perl is 5.08.

This version of PsychoStats should be close to being PHP 8 compatible. However, it has not yet been tested on PHP 8. If you wish to use this version of PsychoStats you are strongly advised not to upgrade your PHP version to 8 until this version of PsychoStats has been tested on PHP 8.

Note that as of the release of version 3.2.7b on June 4, 2021, and specifically the change before that when the character encoding for the database was updated, if you do not drop and recreate your database, certain functionality will break. You are strongly advised not to run the new web front end on an old database created before those changes were implemented.

All of the versions on this repository and the game support repositories should be considered beta software as at this time we do not have the access to game servers necessary to thoroughly test releases. Prior to 2010 PsychoStats was tested on thousands of websites with logs from thousands of game servers. The base PsychoStats code should be robust and stable, the changes that have been made have been relatively minor, so it stands to reason that the code is still robust and stable, but there are no guarantees.

There was one serious known security vulnerability and that has been fixed. Most of the "fixes" were already present in the code, as Stormtrooper was aware of some of the changes to PHP that had, at that time, recently been made, or had been announced. Very little had to actually be rewritten, and where rewriting was required the changes were pretty minor. There were a number of minor syntax changes, especially with regards to mysqli.

Flag icon images and many map and overlay images have been converted from jpg and png to webp. There is a slight decrease in image quality that is not noticeable unless you are specifically looking for it, and know what to look for. The trade off is that the webp images are much smaller, require less bandwidth and will load faster.

This version of PsychoStats currently supports the following games:
We are always looking for server logs to allow for testing and improved game support.

The Battle Grounds III
Call of Duty 4X
Counter-Strike: Source
Firearms 3.0
Natural Selection
Team Fortress Classic
There are also modules available for the following games, but they are untested and may not be functional:
If you wish to improve support for these games we will require server logs.

Call of Duty 4
Day of Defeat
Day of Defeat: Source
Gun Game
Half-Life Death Match
Half-Life 2 Death Match
Team Fortress 2
We have, for the most part, tried not to make changes to the way Psychostats works, by default. However, one or two changes have been made that reflect personal biases, to make the process of reinstalling Psychostats hundreds of times more convenient as it has been worked on. One of those is that the bonus for an ffkill is now -10. Winning games or rounds is really the entire point, far more important than k:d ratios, this is reflected in the bonuses that have been added for team wins.

If you don't like those changes they are easy to edit in the Admin Control Panel. One other significant change is that the resolution for bonuses has been changed to one decimal place, so you can now create bonuses that are 0.1 etc. There were bonuses for events that can happen very often, such as medic heals in Team Fortress Classic, that were too large if they were a full point or more.

Most of the links and references to psychostats.com have been removed as that domain is no longer actively maintained. The only exception is the xml database that provides GeoIP data for the flags functionality. That appears to still be hosted. All of the references to Stormtrooper's email address have been removed.

Known Issues
The plan for the following issues is to either fix them, or improve them, in future versions:

Occassionally GeoIP assigns the wrong nationality to a player.

One of the biggest problems with PsychoStats is that psychostats.com no longer hosts the documentation that it once did.

The events for Firearms and Team Fortress Classic have not been thoroughly analyzed and tested.

The team wins and losses for Firearms don't work extremely well or consistently.

PsychoStats is decidedly not mobile friendly.

The live server views can be flakey and unreliable.

Mcrypt is deprecated/obsolete.

Stuff that Remains Untested
The contents of the "addons" folder are largely unexplored with the exception of the AMX Mod X ps_heatmaps script, which does work.

The contents of the "scripts" folder are also largely unexplored. Most of them should be self explanatory but they should be considered untested.

PHP 8 compatibility.

Future Plans
Improve display on mobile devices.
Copy the old PsychoStats wiki content from The Wayback Machine to the GitHub wiki.
Full PHP 8 compatibility.
GDPR compliance.
Thank you to Jason Morriss, a.k.a. Stormtrooper, for all his oringinal work. This software deserves to be used. The period between 2000 and 2005 and all the old Half-Life and Source mods represent a golden age in PC game modding. Those games deserve to be played. With a little massaging most of them still run very well on new hardware and new operating systems.

Kudos to Valve as well for maintaining their back catalogue.

Credit to wakachamo, Rosenstein, Solomenka and janzagata for their contributions. Thanks also to RoboCop from APG for his support and encouragement.

The basic text for the default privacy policy has been copied from the default WordPress privacy policy.

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post Jan 19 2022, 12:15 PM
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I saw it on the AlliedModders forum and though it was quite cool of him to revamp this stats package for the (almost) modern versions of PHP and correct a few bugs here and there.

There seems to be an "updating wave" as well for some of the classic shooters most used statistics scripts back in the day, which fills me with joy smile.gif it's like a virtual recognition that they are not just like "any other games", but in fact, absolute legends.

Here is the work done for UTstatsDB:

The new UTstatsDB

And here is the work being done for BF2S, the web files for bf2sclone to be created:

BF2Statistics v3.1.0 Full Release
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