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RCBot Forums _ TF2 _ Uncertain question, Rcbots not doing their job

Posted by: MK777 Aug 19 2018, 08:31 PM

Hello everyone, I don't think that is common issue but something weird is happening with my rcbots.

long story short. I had a virus on my computer and I had to restart completely. meaning I lost everything.
After getting lots of my stuff back. now with the Rcbots. I managed to make them work. but something is off.

They don't play CP at all. they ignore the attack and defense navigations and they try to go on the next stages even if there is a wall blocking the way. *cp_dustbowl for exemple*

They don't do randomn mess around during the setup, they all charge at the door and try to cross it until setup is over.

They know to capture the flag. but don't know how to capture it back to our base. *ctf_2fort for exemple*

there may be more, but otherwise. other objectives they are fine like KOTH. Arena as well but they just don't capture the point either, Payload seems fine, but on setup they try to go to different map location until the setup is over they play normaly

I downloaded the latest Rcbots from robocop on the other website APG with the latest hookinfo as well updated.
I simply can't tell why they are just not doing their objective right. huh.gif

Posted by: RoboCop Aug 20 2018, 07:03 AM

Try this build:-

Posted by: MK777 Aug 20 2018, 10:00 PM

I tried the build you gave me. I may be forgeting the point here.

I added the new package from the build into addons. I can join but the rcbots are frozen in spawn. not even moving around. there is no crash there but they are just not doing anything. even if I update the hookinfo dosen't seem to change anything

I did try your version on apg that you pudated recently and for some reasons. all of my problem I used to have are gone but. instant crash if its a map with a point objective(?). MvM, CTF, itemtest and deathmatch works. but rest crashes instantly.

Posted by: RoboCop Aug 20 2018, 10:20 PM

Well those [APG] beta builds have been superceded by pongo's fixes recently. Also I will be updating the sticky topics in favour for the latest builds shorty. Also the mstr_offsets maybe needs updated and to investigate its value to work properly in cp_ maps and that to avoid anymore crashes.

Posted by: DreadedGhoul575 Sep 20 2018, 07:56 PM

Would be great to have this mod working again.

Posted by: RoboCop Sep 21 2018, 07:35 PM

Try joining Bots-United Discord server. Ducky/Pongo is currently working on RCBot2.