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> RCBot 2 Latest Beta, Support for CP Granary Test DLL
post Jun 22 2009, 08:24 PM
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I added support for the CP map CP_Granary (And made a waypoint)


- Provisional Support for CP Granary
- Fixed a crash bug
- Engineers upgrade team mates dispensers and sentries

please tell me how they do, if its worth a release


The source SVN is up to date

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post Jun 23 2009, 04:30 PM
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Found this via the Steam forums where Geralt posted them. For what it's worth, I'll try and list some of the bugs I found from 2 hours of playtime. Note: Some of them are things I think should be added, feature-wise, and yes, I realize you are probably aware of most of these things, just figured I might as well add my 2 cents.

Things that don't work well:
  • Demomen don't seem to want to use their sticky grenades. Usually they will spam the primary grenades and then either reload + attack or use melee.
  • Engineers don't seem too keen to upgrade their dispensers past level 1. Maybe they do sometimes, but it hasn't happened for me.
  • Engineers also take quite a bit of time upgrading their sentries. On ctf_turbine, the engy built a sentry right near the spawn area, but just stood on the tiny metal container near his stuff instead of walking 6 feet to the resupply cabinet.
  • Medic doesn't seem to want to heal people very often, and when it does, it sometimes goes between healing and not healing really quickly.
  • Enemies can apparently see through the spy disguise.
  • After the spy disguise has been fixed, enemies should be encouraged to spy check randomly, or if they run into a clipped object (possibly a spy).
  • Spies disguise and then run straight to the flag, even if it isn't there, and then just sit there. They rarely use their butterknife, which is their main advantage.
  • Spies don't sap engineer buildings, but they will shoot a dispenser right next to a level 3 sentry, and then promptly die.
  • Soldier seems almost too reliant on his shotgun in battle situations. It may be helpful in downing someone you've just rocketed a few times, but he shouldn't enter a 1v1 firefight using only his shotgun.
  • Bots don't recognize the threat of their foes. A heavy will just sit there from far away trying to attack an enemy sniper, completely exposed. There should be some kind of "fight or flight" decision-making by the bots.
  • Bots will sometimes randomly shoot at walls, turn around and start shooting, etc. Is this because they are detecting an enemy through the walls?
  • Engineers should be encouraged to build teleporters behind enemy lines instead of putting the exit in the middle of the main battle area.
  • Bots sometimes stop suddenly, causing other friendly bots who encounter them to stop in the same place as well.
  • All of the bots doublejump right before the round starts, and intermittently during the match.
Things that work well:
  • Heavy, overall, works well, and quickly rockets to the top of the scoreboard. He'd be even better with "fight or flight" decision-making, though.
  • Sniper, overall, works well.
  • Scout, overall, works well, but should be encouraged to use his speed as an advantage more. (and surprise attacks)
  • Soldier, overall, works well, aside from the things mentioned above. They can rocketjump, which is pretty cool.
Amazing job on these, btw. It's nice to see some working bots for TF2. Bot taunts are especially cool! tongue.gif If you do waypoint more maps / map types, how hard would it be to do cp_dustbowl? I can imagine that being pretty interesting with bots.
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