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(March 03, 2007)
so, its like 3am. i got a little side tracked

anyhow, i waypointed the new maps and a couple edited ones for 5 hours.
My hands hurt and my brain turned to mush, so i stopped.

in fact, i stopped mid-waypointing on one of the new maps... ns_machina i think.. god thats an overly complex map. so i just started dropping waypoints without caring about the starburst patterns they make. the bots will be able to successfully navigate the map for the most part.

i got umbra done pretty well, im sure ill improve it later, but it's pretty freakin' good. got the bots usin all the vents and crap. fun stuff.

lucid i did most of, theres a bunch of vents left to do, but i did the "main loop" fairly well. the bots should be able to get to every hive and marine start with no troubles.

anyhow, im freakin goin to sleep. ill do more waypointing later.

IPB Image

(March 04, 2007)

updated the waypoints already. i didnt have time to do the updated maps last night, so i just did the new maps. tonight i did the updated ones... almost all of them should be fine, except if theyve got new vents, i didnt do them, or i didnt do all of them, cause they can take a while..

ns_altair - fixed the new area waypoints

ns_bast - fixed the new vent waypoints

ns_caged - fixed new area waypoints

ns_eclipse - did that yesterday

ns_nancy - fixed new area waypoints, i think the new vent in ... port engine or whatever wont be accessible by the bots due to the complexity of the navigation... i'll play with it and find out though

ns_origin - total remake. they got rid of the elevators in biodome, so the map is about 95% accessible by the bots. redid the entire map, as the whole map was shifted and the waypoints were inaccessible. (there are a TON of vents in that map and it'll likely be next week before i get those done)

ns_shiva - fixed the new area waypoints

ns_veil - fixed the new area waypoints

i have NOT! finished ns_machina, in fact, i didnt even work on it tonight. so dont be freakin out saying the waypoints suck. i know they suck. they're barely even waypointed, and definately not waypointed right. they'll be fixed soon. maybe tomorrow, maybe later. i dont know. i have a lot of crap to do so get off my back tongue.gif

IPB Image

(March 05, 2007)

so this time, i did most of the vents in origin, fixed some stuff in caged, and did most of machina, except for the vents. that'll be done later.

IPB Image

(March 19, 2007)

I've finished up every vent I could find, aside from Machina, it needs more work... I actually ran out of waypoints on that map so I'll have to rework some parts of it. Probably be finished by the end of the week.

Also, someone wanted a list of files in the waypoint pack, so here's the list.

IPB Image

(May 6, 2007)

Had to re-upload the waypoint pack to a different site cause my content servers down at the moment. I put em up on my roadrunner thing, hopefully that'll be fast.

alright, i finished the main part of machina.. took 150 minutes. and as a bonus, ... which wasnt really a bonus, i just needed to know where i had been and where i needed to go, i taped a piece of paper over the screen and marked all the waypoints down with a marker.

IPB Image

anyhow, go to the first post to check for the latest waypoints.
Well, here is my contrabution...... finally. My rcbot waypoint pack for NS 3.2 Final.
  • co_umbra
  • ns_altair
  • ns_origin
  • ns_eclipse
  • ns_caged
  • ns_nancy
  • ns_eon
  • ns_veil
  • ns_shiva
  • ns_lucid
I have not done ns_machina because of it's shear size and complexity which maybe just a little too chalanging for rcbots. Just my opinion anyway concidering how many lifts this map has. You can't go far without needing to use one. dry.gif

Anyway, here is my waypoint pack.
Waypoint pack updated, check first post.
Can't download the file, the server is down. Can you upload it again? unsure.gif rolleyes.gif


updated the doodad. you should be able to download it now.
I have an obvious question from a newbie with bots...Where do I extract the waypoint files to?
If you could get back to me soon that'd be awesome, thanks. =)

~ Cor | Seranox < lerky >
\<path to HL>\rcbot\waypoints\ns
Just in case you don't hear it enough LordSkitch, Thank you!

We really appreciate all you do.
Can you upload it again ??? smile.gif
Here is a new link for Lordskitch's NS3.2 waypoints pack...
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