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Full Version: pl_badwater and pl_goldrush
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I've waypointed pl_badwater and pl_goldrush.In goldrush, BLU jams in a waypoint after the tunnel in stage 1.

pl_badwater and pl_goldrush =Click here.

Once again,i hope the professionals fix BLU's jamming problem. Or I'll fix it myself smile.gif
EDIT:Bug fixed.
Hey that a good waypoint there buddy, i love it thanks biggrin.gif...
QUOTE(naMelesS @ Jun 27 2009, 02:58 PM) *

Hey that a good waypoint there buddy, i love it thanks biggrin.gif...


EDIT:I've slightly fixed pl_goldrush.

-RED team leaves spawn area on Stage 3
-Snipers work on all 3 stages(maybe)
-BLU and RED Engineers still jam up.

Download link:

It was humorous to see,how lazily I've waypointed this map for the RED team biggrin.gif
Now I've re-waypointed pl_badwater.
The engies don't jam up anymore,however on 11vs11 matches,other bots jam up but the engies work smoothly biggrin.gif

-Engies work like a charm,which is a good thing.

Quick question as well: how does the 'defend' tag work?
put it on a waypoint, and bots will camp there defending?

The link to the waypoint is this one.

"TF2 needs more plr maps" a random comment that needs to be added.
Ultimate Life Form
hey, this links is does not work.
QUOTE(Ultimate Life Form @ Jul 13 2009, 07:30 PM) *

hey, this links is does not work.

What the funk? The link works ok for me. I'll add it in the Mainpage's Waypoints section.
EDIT: Posted in mainpage's Waypoints section.
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