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I suggest add function change weapons from the ground. I often seen on the destruction of objects map, when bots change weapons while defuse bomb. But today I saw rocketman with sniper rifle O_o I don't know, how he take Springfield, because I played on dod_dijon, and on this map no destroyable objects. Rcbot version - 0.85.

Screenshot: (you can see specific rocketman's vest)
IPB Image
QUOTE(MarD @ May 18 2015, 01:15 AM) *

So... Black Mesa Source could use some bots and waypointing eh? wink.gif

Otherwise? I'd love to see support for Synergy Coop so I could waypoint the crap outta the campaign. tongue.gif

I'd like to see Black Mesa having RCBot support too. The bots do work in Synergy but they seem to have problems attacking and have times where they crash the server.
QUOTE(Emotional @ May 18 2015, 06:10 AM) *

I suggest add function change weapons from the ground.
Rcbot version - 0.85.

Hmm ...! Interesting what happened to you, mr. Emotional...

I'm using the latest version (Rcbot2 v0.96 to Dod:Source), and do not know what happened to me ...: I have noticed that my bots do not perform many actions which, in theory, have been implemented in previous versions. See the list:

- My Rc-bots never use secondary weapons (only excluding the rifle-grenades): such as pistols, knives or trench shovels. In the "hand-to-hand fight", I also never witnessed so far a bot from class "assault" kill the opponent with punches...

- Even standing up and on short distance combat, the machine-gunners insists on using their MG-gun (known to have bad accuracy and very high recoil rates), instead of changing to a more suitable option to this confront situation (eg: the pistol)

- They never change/take/ got a different weapon from the ground (eg: when the ammunition finishes)

- In version 0.96, they don't throw more smoke-grenades against MG-gun (or snipers) positions, as previously done (I remember happened to me in early versions)...
In addition, the bots from "Assault" and "Support" classes do not throw more hand-grenades explosive against opponents...

- In this version 0.96, I'm unable to make MG-bot obey my command to deploy the MG-gun in some fixed position nearby, such as a sand barricade, a window, on the floor etc. (as in the video: "RCBot2 0.79 squad voice commands"). Also: most times, an MG-gun doesn't obey my command to abandon these types of fixed positions

I wonder if all this is due to a lack of any variable (configuration) in the (my) file "config.ini"...

As soon as I notice more "missing behaviors" (Rcbot2 in Dod:S), I will return to post in the forum. It may happen that other users are experiencing the same issues in v0.96...

Thanks, guys! wink.gif

[I using google-translator, sorry for any misunderstanding...]
Our good friend and bot saviour CHeeseh seems super busy with RL lately (and playing gta 5 hehe) so I've pm him about BMS rcbot support let's hope we'll get some response soon. need to edit your bot profiles to make them play better.
Here is an example of my bot profile...

visionticks_clients = 4
visionticks = 40
pathticks = 40
braveness = 100
aimskill = 100
sensitivity = 12

so those are all the settings I use on all of my profiles...try tweak yours.
- They never change/take/ got a different weapon from the ground (eg: when the ammunition finishes)

I wrote, that this function not work, bots can take weapons only, when they defuse bombs.
In the "hand-to-hand fight", I also never witnessed so far a bot from class "assault" kill the opponent with punches...

I doubled this. But all other functions, that you wrote, working on 0.85.
Hi! I really like RCbot2, so here is my suggestions:
Bots for TF2 don't attack small, normal and King Skeleton. Make them attack skeletons.
Bots upgrading in Mann vs Machine.
Custom loadout editing.
p.s Im from Russia, so sorry for bad english.
QUOTE(Navton @ Nov 16 2015, 09:03 PM) *

Hi! I really like RCbot2, so here is my suggestions:
Bots for TF2 don't attack small, normal and King Skeleton. Make them attack skeletons.

Eh, I guess it's possible to set skeletons as enemies - after all they are all tf_zombie entities, if I am not mistaken.

QUOTE(Navton @ Nov 16 2015, 09:03 PM) *

Bots upgrading in Mann vs Machine.

Quite hard to do as of yet, but it's actually possible supposing rcbots can simulate client cmds, but then again, the credits...

QUOTE(Navton @ Nov 16 2015, 09:03 PM) *

Custom loadout editing.

This is one the last things Cheeseh will do, as he will mainly be working on the bots and i don't blame him. You can use other Sourcemod addons like Give Weapon for custom loadouts, although that could perhaps break the AI...
Any plans for Ricochet support?
Hello Cheeseh and the whole community!

I periodically consult the forum for news.
I noticed that Rcbot2 is already sufficiently STABLE and FINISHED, it is SOLID AND MATURE in its version 1.00 (so maybe there was no need for changes since this version was released). However, there were many updates for TF2 and few specific for Dod:S, which is my favorite game (the last addition of specific features for Dod:S was in version 0.91: 5 versions ago!).

Since Rcbot2 is already well finished and there have been relatively less improvements for Dod:S (no news for 5 versions!), I suggest adding features (even seen it once:, so that the game with bots is more cool than it already is.

The suggested resources will be these, briefly:

1) Bots are able to alternate "grenade escape behavior", in addition to running to escape: they will jump on the ground away from the explosion, crouch away from the explosion, seek some cover closer.
2) When carrying out an assault, bots do not only do it standing, but alternate behaviors: they shoot squatting (or in agglomeration/open space: they shoot lying down)
3) Bots seek to hide, throw grenades and act with more caution (stop running, crouch or lie down), when they encounter a multitude of enemies.
4) Via command/variable, the user is able to establish the amount of time that the bot mg-gun and sniper will be stopped at ambush points (specific waypoints), in such a way that such bots do not leave the point until the set time is over - it seems that this feature is already present, but the bots do not respect the time I set and abandon the firing position (mg and sniper).

This video illustrates the suggestions listed above:

Cheeseh can try to implement all, or one at a time progressively. So I think we will have a super bot mechanism for Dod:S, better than HE IS ALREADY (Rcbot2 is already very well made software!).

I hope that most like the suggestions.
Thank you! [sory for bad english]
An additional suggestion:
5) When the bot is going to launch a grenade, it must emit the corresponding voice (I think it is: "fire in the hole!")
Black Mesa multiplayer support would be great, the game is quite hot now.

I have the following problem: even setting the value of 0.9 for the variable "rcbot_defrate" and adding the flags "defend", "route" and even "capture", the bots quickly abandon the stop points I created for snipers and mg- guns (for example, in windows and sandbags). That way, the game is predictable and tedious (since bots also choose the shortest paths between capture points much more frequently).

6) I suggest implementing a feature that I think is really important to solve this problem: making the "defend" waypoint flag a really mandatory crossing point for bots and assigning it a user-controllable time value (the bot is prevented from abandoning the position until the allotted time is met). In this way, the bot will not only be forced to go to these stopping points, but will also be obliged to stay there, in ambush, for the time that the waypointer stipulate.
Please check and fix this issue, otherwise the gameplay will remain somewhat repetitive and tedious (and all the work and effort will be useless, employed in creating good ambush points for snipers and mg-guns because the bots will not use it anyway).
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