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Full Version: [Release] ns_prometheus waypoints
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First, I just want to say, thanks Cheeseh for all the work you put into RCbot. I've been playing Natural Selections with them since v1.0 of NS & I think it was before 0.29 of RCbot. I have had many fun LAN games with my nephews over the years.

I made this waypoint a couple years ago because I really liked the looks of the map, but could not find a waypoint on the web. Although I have been modifying NS waypoints made by others for years, this is the only one I've done entirely myself. I recently did some fixes to the waypoint and a lot of testing (again). I don't know if there is anyone out there still playing NS, but I wanted to give something back to the community.

All waypoints were placed manually, no auto waypointing, so its fairly clean paths, except areas where I was trying to coax the bots into doing something. The bots do fairly good, but it's not perfect, issues remain, more details are with waypoint readme. All vents are waypointed and all hives are often built in under 15 minutes (depending on the starting hive, i think). If anyone does try this, feedback is welcome.

I originally did the waypoint for the official NS3.2 beta version of the map (which was removed before the final release of NS3.2) and I recently converted it to the b34 version of the map. I think the official NS3.2 beta version is slightly newer than the b34 version. Both maps are nearly identical.

I recently checked, and ns_prometheus_b34 can be found in this forum post:;p=1572593&

or direct link here:

[5-11-17] New download links:

I got the official NS3.2 beta version from the beta 1 patch (ns_install_patch_v32-beta1.exe), the NS3.1 to NS3.2beta1 patch. I haven't been able to locate this patch on the web recently. Also, if you do find this patch, don't install it over the top of your NS3.2 final, it will probably mess it up. Extract it to a temporary folder and get the map files from there. If anyone knows where to get the official final release of the map, please post a link.
Here is the map from the ns32beta1 patch, the bsp is slightly newer than the b34 version...

Credit to Julian "Pithlit" Sehm, for making such a cool NS map...

Waypoints ns_prometheus.rcw and ns_prometheus_b34.rcw are in the following zip file:

Click to view attachment

Have fun smile.gif
Okay, I got a look at your waypoints and I must say, you got a lot of coverage. And you said you wanted feedback? Your not above a little constructive criticism, are you?

You don't need to cover every vent. Only the ones that give a tactical advantage. Mainly a fast, 2nd route in and out of a hive or when a vent is close enough and big enough to siege a hive from. Also, keep in mind that the bots wont follow the waypoint path precisely. They tend to round tight corners. So when you waypoint enterances and exits of narrow walkways to another path, they can fall off track. Especially if they are trying to avoid a collision with a team mate. I find it much better to use 3 waypoints at a 3 way intersection, rather then just 1. It takes a little more time to round off corners for them but the results will pay off in the end.
Hey Sandman,

Thanks for the feedback, feel free to criticize (with a dose of encouragement? rolleyes.gif ). Yeah, I think when I first started building the waypoint I got in a hurry, thinking I would come back and redo some of the intersections. I know of a couple places I've seen gorges with thier heads buried in the wall (one in observation hive near the exit, the other gorge just outside the other exit in the hallway), perhaps this is the cause? In a few weeks, when I have more time, maybe I'll take a second look at those corners. I want to get back to NS soon anyways, been waypointing svencoop lately. If you see any specific problem areas, or stuck/lost bots, please let me know. Thanks man... smile.gif

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