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Anyone have or can make waypoints for dod_snowbridge_explode_8 ?
Hi Woody56,

I'm trying to finish a couple other waypointing projects, a svencoop waypoints pack, which should of been done last week, but I'm stuck on one problem. And I want to do a bit more on dod_donner & flash for .85. I'm not certain how much time I will have right now? But I could take a look at it and see if I want to do it?

I'm on slow-mo dialup sad.gif , so it would help if you could post a couple good download links, where you know I can get a good copy of the map. Also, maybe someplace that shows some info or images.

dod_snow_bridge_beta2 has already been done and is in the waypoints forum. If it's an earlier version of the same map, you might be able to load the waypoint for that and get bots moving?

Install rcw, start map, then in console...

rcbot waypoint load dod_snow_bridge_beta2

Perhaps, it's not the same map? unsure.gif

Sent you a pm.. There are images here and the map is larger in size than the other snow_bridge maps with alot more possible routs.
Hey Woody56,

I got the map and loaded the dod_snow_bridge_beta2 rcw into it. explode8 is a newer version of the same map, so the rcw fits and bots do run around, but there are some problems. There are wpts in the ground & air, and bots hang on things and get trapped/lost in the new trenches. Also a new bridge flag under the deck. Yeah, it's a big map with 7 flags, and I didn't try to locate all of them yet, it would be nice to have an overview map and a description of events. On second test, bots seemed to cap the other flags.

I have a few days at home, so I may have time to patch it up, at least the basics, then add in more stuff later if need be... I think the destroyable bridge deck is new. do you know if there are any other special events I should be aware of?

Somehow the bots blew one hole in the bridge, but i think that could be jumped over. Can more damage be done to the bridge? I went and tried to blow it myself and it didn't blow for me with the tnt or rpg for a couple minutes, maybe it's on a delayed timer?


P.S. i replyed to PM... smile.gif
Hi Woody56,

Here is what I have done so far, you can try this one out, there will be at least one more update, it may or may not be soon. My gaming PC has been near death for about a month. For this past week I have had to use a hair dryer to start it up in the morning laugh.gif .

It's taking longer to convert the beta2 rcw than I thought it would. This is a better map and there are more features too. There were a lot more buried wpts & paths thru things than I originally thought. But I like this map more than the beta2, so I'm going to put more time into it.

With this rcw, bots can cap all the flags now. Some of the capture areas changed, so I had to replace a couple of the cap wpts genmac had put in the beta2. I've added & moved sniper/mg/defend wpts/tags, and team/area tags too. I have not added the bomb plants at the forts yet, but bots can go thru the breach (openslater wpt). There is good action on the bridge and bots can use the ladders there now. Its cool seeing bots fall from the bridge and rockets arc over the canyon.

I actually have done a lot more than this, with the rcw i'm currently working on, but it needs more done before I can release it. Some stuff is out of balance, and the bridge action has gone down. There are many more fixes in it for lost bots, the map is so HUGE I keep finding more places bots get lost (some of this might be because I play with friendly fire turned off and bots might be getting blown off the wpts to far?). Anyways, there are more sniper/mg/defend wpts to add or adjust, and i can see spending a week on this, just constantly trying new things/ideas...

I like seeing the action concentrated in the bridge area and bottom wooded area of the map, somewhat like this rcw. I've been testing with 8vs8 bots, about the max my PC will handle. But give me some feedback on what you would like to see, such as:

1. do you want the bots to plant the bombs at the forts? this may actually help the action on the bridge (tnt is there), but not sure if it will help or hurt?

2. do you want the action concentrated at the bridge area, kinda like this rcw, or do you want it more spread over the whole map? spread out may work well for those that can run 25 or 30 bots?

This may depend on how many bots your PC will handle, so I may end up doing 2 versions of the rcw, for small & large number of bots. BTW, this is all getting done with RCbot2 .76 with the speedup plugin, for compatability, so gameplay may be different on .85. I wasn't sure which version of rcbots you were using?

So, if my game PC will start today, i'll be working on this and hopefully dod_donner too smile.gif ? Or i'll be attempting to repair my PC sad.gif ?

Updated rcw below...

NICE work smile.gif
I have 24 bots running as a test @ Hold My Gun-evil bots (LA det server) . For now they are working great with mixes bot profile My_Time shared . There capping well and seem spread out enough with lots of good action. Perhaps spreading the paths out a bit would make for some nice sniper action. Little action on allied upper right or axis upper left side so please look into that area, there are landmines but just path them on the outside of the Xsigns. Leave the tnt for people to play with imo, I will default this map and check logs for crashes but so far 40 min and no hickups
Glad you like it... I'll check those areas and see what can be done, and path the mines. It will probably be a few more days before the update is done... I sent PM reply too...
Release2 rcw for dod_snowbridge_explode_8

I included 2 rcw's this time. The only difference between them is the default rcw has the landmines pathed for the bots and the other doesn't. The default rcw spreads the bots out a bit more to the upper areas. Bots will still go through the valley and onto the bridge, but maybe not as much as the no_mines rcw. With the no_mines rcw, I see a lot more rockets fly over the valley because bots are forced to use the slopes much more. The action is directed to the center of the map. The no_mines rcw is good for those of us that can't run a large number of bots on our crappy old PC's rolleyes.gif . The default should be good for everyone else. Try both to see which works best for you...

* Land-mine paths waypointed with the default rcw, spreads the action out a bit. The no_mines rcw tends to direct more bot action to the middle of the map, the slopes, valley & bridge.

* all wooden towers are wpted and bots can use them. And they should not get stuck there if towers get destroyed.

* more defend/sniper/mg wpts added to bridge & other areas. bots should defend thier forts better.

* Lots of lost & stuck bot wpt fixes added. Some new wpts & paths for bots to use.

* fixed a down path at a bridge ladder I forgot to reconnect, oops...

* probably many things I forgot...


I'm still tweaking on this as time permits. I want to do a bit more on the bridge and a few other things, so there may be another update depending on how the changes work. These rcw's are probably the most balanced so far, score wise. One side will get most the flags then the other side may beat them back and turn the tide. Allies have capped all the flags more times in .76, but axis often score higher! I did test in .85, just not as much...

Without an overview map, it's hard to get a good idea of how the bots are spreading out, and to spot problems on this big map. So if you spot something that needs a fix, let me know, but good luck explaining where it is at, maybe take a screenshot... wink.gif

The rcw is getting big, 879 wpts after removing some... blink.gif

This map is an awesome snow bridge version!

Thanks for doing waypoints.
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