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Full Version: Omni-Bot comes to the source games
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After 7 years of the silence about Omni-bot on source games we have a little hope for see it.
On YouTube the lead developer (probably) have uploadet three videos with the demonstration of
Omni-bot in hl2dm.
Actually the video itself (the rest you can find on his channel)

What do you think about it? This is again demonstration and all, or it will be released in future?
Hmm..Navmesh...not a real fan of this type of navigational system but if it's easy to use, create and edit compared to Source navmesh that bog down my old rig when map is too complex then this might work.

Omnibot is an excellent bot btw, I sometimes plays with it on RTCW mp and ET.
Yeah, omnibot has a excellent wpt & script system, tho I don't care much for the way they show pathways, it gets to be a bit of a spider web... I guess navmesh was the easier way to go? I see omnibot .85 is out for ET/RTCW, I missed that release. It's odd they don't mention this in their news?
Omnibot vs rcbot on tf2 biggrin.gif
QUOTE(madmax2 @ Jan 23 2016, 09:31 PM) *
they don't mention this in their news?
No. I dont noticed this on their site.
QUOTE(DreadedGhoul575 @ Jan 28 2016, 11:46 AM) *

Omnibot vs rcbot on tf2 biggrin.gif

hl2dm first hehe...and i hope rcbots will beat them to death LOL!
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