OK i just finished playtesting this one and tweaked it up a bit .
Give me some feedback ffs! rolleyes.gif
Most of the ladders work ok, i'm not going to bother with the lifts though as they seem to be able to use the map fine without them, that and the fact that i hate lifts mad.gif
If anyone has any problems with the bots not climbing the ladder in the "Storage D" area it is most likely due to the fact that the sliding door above it is closed ( it shows up transparent, open it from the CC).
I have waypointed 99% of the vents but i've left them broken from the main run as rcbot can't use wallstick so if Sandman or anyone else wants to connect them for whichbot: feel free.
Uhm......this is for beta2 btw so.....-shrugs ohmy.gif