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Full Version: Waypoint request
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UPDATE: uummm...... sorry cheese i posted in the wrong place just found that out
but DONT ignore this topic plz i want this waypoint badly next time i will post in the right spot.

mod: NS 3.0
map: ns_wazoneb3.bsp

this is the best ns map ever 2 bases bunkers laser guns ext. and goodies like a skulk-a-pult and a dropship thingy a laser so i would like somone to plz make waypoints for it

the download link is here ph34r.gif

moved smile.gif
I will have a look at it. Does the _b4 meen it's still beta? Could pose a problem with a wpt made for this map in later releases.
yes the b4 means its i beta but its a final beta the precentage of it done was
99% done when i checked ns-world so it shouldent be a problem.

also the creator ub_snake never did and never will make the final product cuz ns_wazoneb4.bsp is the final product because he already made a crappy sequal ns_wazone2b5it has extreme lag so thats why im sticking to ns_wazoneb4
Well, it's not one of my greatest wpt jobs but it is playable. The marines are able to open the doors and can climb and decend ladders but can't use the lazer gun on the balcony or use the transport devices. The aliens don't seem to be able to do anything exept make it through the hives and get to the marine base.

Anyway, here is the waypoint.

you need to fix da waypoint it will only let me use one bot and the ladder in the alien hive dosent work cuz its to far up and trhe aliens get stuck on it so cut that out and thats all if you could fix this plz
you need to fix the waypoint.  it will only let me use one bot

This is not a waypointing issue, this is more-likely a bot config or general map issue. There is nothing I can do about that.

the ladder in the alien hive dosen't work because its to far up and the aliens get stuck on it so cut that out

This has been an existing problem with RCbot for quite some time. The bot aliens can't climb "up" ladders or walls but can climb down and as strange as it maybe, the marines are not as chalanged by this problem. There is not much I can do to fix that.

If someone else would care to look at it and attempt to make adjustments then by all meens, be my guest but as far as i'm concerned, it's not a very bot friendly map and I think this waypoint is as good as it's going to get for rcbot.
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