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Full Version: Need COMBAT Map Waypoints
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As my server is dedicated to COMBAT levels

These are the maps that I am in search for waypoints on.

co_core (I think someone here has this)

I see that more people are leaning more towards the ns_xxxx, rather than the co_xxxx levels, any reason why?

I would be endlessly endebted to you guys for waypoints on COMBAT. Pretty Pleaz....

My server also is Combat only. I too greatly desire waypoints for this mod.
QUOTE (zodiac @ Mar 26 2004, 05:27 PM)
I see that more people are leaning more towards the ns_xxxx, rather than the co_xxxx levels, any reason why?

well ns_xxx maps is the classic mode and so i hope will allways be more popular on the public servers, in terms of waypoint, rcbot doesnt fully support combat yet hence very few waypoints for them
co_angst seems to work rather well in the one NS3B3 COMBAT level that is included with rcbot 1.3, but that is the only level included for COMBAT. If I can acquire the equivelent to that on these other levels I would be set.

Depot, do you see the same results with the co_angst level rcbot?
I don't remember where it went but I did post a file containing just about all of the remaining maps that come with ns 3.0 along with a few customs. Weather or not these actually work, I don't know, I didn't waypoint all of them but here it is again. This file includes waypoints for the following maps.
  • co_ether (bigbadwolf)
  • co_faceoff (bigbadwolf)
  • co_kestrel (bigbadwolf)
  • co_poseidon (bigbadwolf)
  • co_pulse (bigbadwolf)
  • co_rebirth (bigbadwolf)
  • co_ulysses (|2usty)
  • ns_agora (|2usty)
  • ns_ayumi (bigbadwolf)
  • ns_delta (sandman[sa])
  • ns_hera (|2usty)
  • ns_metal (|2usty)
  • ns_siege007 (sandman[sa])

Credit was given to where credit was do. The author for each waypoint has been listed after each waypoint name.
Sandman[SA], you absolutely ROCK!!! I so really appreciate this. I will install and test tonight.

Thanks again man.

Well, as I said, I didn't waypoint those co_ maps and haven't even tested them. These are all the waypoints I found posted in these forums back from NS 3.0 beta (notice no version?)

These waypoints may or may not work in NS 3.0b3 because of the updates to most of those maps in the beta3 patch. Why the NS dev's decided to do that is beyond me.
Well I can verify that all the co_*** files work, and what has been said in a previous thread about using whichbot waypoints (by modifying header) provides the missing waypoints such as co_core.

will try the ns_*** waypoints when I get a chance...

These are running on V3b3.

Version 3 Beta 4 out Friday 16th April Chaps! ph34r.gif
Not another ns beta???? I hope they don't change all the maps AGAIN!
Flayra interview on indicates that the release of Natural Selection Version 3 Beta 4 will release on 4/23/04, sorry guys, going to have to wait another week.
God! I wish they would release the changelog already. Inquiring minds want to know what maps will need to be re-waypointed AGAIN mad.gif
I still have not found co_daimos waypointed for rcbot so I tweeked up a whichbot waypoint for them. It is currently untested so please have a go at it.

NOTE: use rcbot 1.38 beta or higher for best results.
Heres my Daimos, I think I finished it.. or did enough to it that they play through it easily! laugh.gif
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